10 Advantages for Custom Made Granite Worktops

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Granite is one of the most popular stones when it comes to creating worktops for the home or commercial properties. Granite goes exceptionally well with most décor around the home and absolutely every worktop that is create will be unique from the next.

Here at InovaStones we custom make Granite worktops and here at 10 advantages for our professional team creating something bespoke for you.

#1 You Select the Pattern

When we make your custom Granite worktops, you will be able to sit down with us and decide everything and this includes the pattern of your worktop. Whether you want to go for a plain colour, mottled or speckled, it is completely your choice. You will have the freedom to consider all of our patterns within the range.

#2 Be Unique

As we mentioned earlier, every single piece of Granite is unique. You will never find the same piece of Granite as there will always be some differentiating factor between each slab. There is no cookie cutter when it comes to Granite!

#3 Be Individual

As well as each piece of Granite being unique, by creating a custom Granite worktop you will be making it even more one of a kind. You will be able to make all the decisions and be in complete control over everything that is going into your Granite worktop. We want you to be happy with your worktop for a lifetime, so we will never do anything without your approval.

#4 No Seams

When using Granite for your worktop, it is possible that they may be no seams as often there does not need to be any cuts made. However, this will depend entirely on the design, size and shape of your room so this will be discussed during the process of making the design.

#5 Keeping Informed

If there will be seams in your Granite worktop, then you will know ahead of time exactly where they will be. We will use each cut in the worktop to help create a stunning piece for your home. With each cut, we will use it to create a beautiful finished product.

#6 Modern

As well as choosing from our range of patterns, you will also be able to decide exactly on which colour you want. You will have the freedom to browse through our entire selection to narrow down your favourites before ultimately deciding.

#7 Helpful Advice

Throughout the entire process of designing your bespoke Granite worktop, our professional team will be here ready to offer any advice that you may need. You will not be going through the process of designing the worktop alone to come to us with the finished design, unless this is what you want. If you are stuck on decisions and need some guidance, our team will be there ready to help give you your dream worktop.

#8 Select the Finish

To finish off your Granite worktop, you will be able to tell us exactly what finish you would like for your home or commercial property.

#9 Specifications

Before we start the production of your Granite worktop, you will know all of the specifications of your bespoke piece before anything gets cut. This way you can give the approval or request somethings to be changed before anything begins.

#10 Fit Around You

Whether you are wanting to use your existing layout or create a new one, we will work with you to create the cut outs that you require. We will take your measurements and work with you to create the bespoke Granite worktop that you having been dreaming of.