10 Beautiful Green Granite Colours for Kitchen Worktops

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Looking for a colour for your new kitchen worktops that is not classic white, grey or black, but don’t want to go to wild also? Then green is one of the colours that fall in that category – it is not a usual choice, but it will be easy to combine with other colours also. There are several green granite colours to choose from and we have picked the 10 most beautiful.

1. Wild West Green
This is a mid-toned green that is neither too dark nor too light. The lines on it form a unique picture that when looked from far away, look like grassland. The combinations will lighter toned beige cabinets will make your worktops pop.

2. Tropical Fashion
This is emerald green with very distinct granulation that looks like stone gems. This colour will be great as an accent on the kitchen island.

3. Verde Savana
This is another mid-toned green, but it has a completely different pattern. The pattern forms a picture that looks like the evergreen forest from above. It is best combined with simple cabinet colours.

4. Fusion Verde Green
This colour is the best for ones that like many details. It is a mix of khaki green and occasionally blue and yellow lines. The pattern is so unique it looks like a glacier.

5. Olive Green
This style has fewer details and will be a good option for minimalists. It has a grey background, but what makes it unique are the green dots scattered all over the surface. Monochromatic compositions with similarly toned cabinets will give excellent results.

6. Labradorite Green
Labradorite Green granite is very hard to describe because it is a fusion of several colours- it is green with occasional blue and pink splashes of colour.

7. Coast Green
This is another colour with fewer details- It is a mix of yellow and light green, that will look beautiful with oak wood cabinets.

8. Verde Fantastico
This is a very dark forest green with lighter green splashes of colour happening here and there. It can be combined with both light and dark toned cabinets.

9. Kerala Green
Kerala Green has a very unique pattern, with occasional white splashes of colour on a forest green surface. Another colour with many details, it will be an excellent choice for the kitchen island.

10. Kashmir Lime
Kashmir Lime has a white background with green splashes of colour creating a unique picture. Occasional rusty dots make this style even more unique and one of a kind.

Green granite is an excellent choice for kitchen worktops; it is not a very frequent choice that everyone has, but it is not too bold either. It will be easy to combine with both light and dark toned cabinets. Whichever green colour you choose, you can be sure that your granite worktops will be the best quality you can find on the market.

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