10 Beautiful Stone Italiana Quartz Colours for Worktops

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10 Beautiful Stone Italiana Quartz Colours for Worktops

Stone Italiana is one of the renowned stone brands dating back to 1979. A brand with such a long history in this industry is the guarantee that you are getting only the highest quality product.

This brand’s colour range is known for its beautiful neutral colours with a few interesting pops of colour. Its patterns are usually subtle, but very sophisticated. But no matter which colour you choose, Stone Italiana worktops will bring additional quality to your home and last you for decades.

 1. Taupe

 As the name suggests, this is a taupe colour, a very interesting mix of grey and brown. When you combine it with light-toned cabinets, this colour will stand out even more. It has a very subtle granulated pattern.

 2. Pepper

 Pepper is a very unique colour that is a mix of black and forest green. It has a very interesting pattern that looks like a forest from up far. This interesting colour will be best combined with beige cabinets.

 3. Thyme

 Thyme is beige with a yellow undertone.  It has tiny brown dots scattered all over the surface that make this colour even more interesting. This colour is perfect for monochromatic kitchens and bathrooms.

 4. Superwhite

 White colour is always in fashion and you just can’t go wrong with it. This one has tiny rocks scattered all over the surface, which makes this white even more special. White is also an excellent choice for small kitchens because it will make them look bigger.

 5. Native Grigio Nordico

 This is a very pale grey with a subtle veined pattern. The veins are a few tones darker than the background and they create a perfect balance. This colour can be also used as an accent, for example for the kitchen island.

 6. Native Nero Continental                                               

 This colour has a similar concept to the above mentioned, only it is black. The veining is white and creates a perfect picture on the dark black background. This colour will make your room very elegant and sophisticated.

 7. Brillante Nero

Another black colour, only this has a completely different pattern. Its pattern is granulated, meaning it has tiny rocks scattered all over the surface. The rocks are black and white, which makes a very interesting composition.

 8. Native Grigio Atlantic

 Pale rose colour is a perfect choice for small romantic kitchens. This colour is a mix of pink and white and it has subtle white veining.

 9. Zinco

 Grey with granulated pattern pairs well with both dark and light-toned cabinets. This is a mid-tone grey with white rocks all over the surface.

 10. Greige

 The name of this colour describes perfectly what it is- it is a mix of grey and beige. This neutral colour will be a perfect choice for ones looking to just replace the worktops.

 Whichever Stone Italiana colour you choose, one is certain; this brand is known for its high performances and quality. It has a beautiful colour range that will compliment both traditional and modern looking kitchens well.

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