10 Blue Granite Stone Colours for Kitchen Worktops

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Blue is not as common choice for kitchen worktops as white, grey or black, but if it is paired well, it can give stunning results. Granite is one of the most popular materials for kitchen worktops, for a few good reasons; it is very durable, almost scratch and stain resistant, resists high temperature very well and it is easy to clean and maintain. Here are some of the most beautiful blue granite stone colours for kitchen worktops.

1. Granite Blue Pearl Extra

This style has a very distinct and bold granulation with the white colour running through it and creating a perfect blend. This style is a great choice for kitchen island as it is very bold and attracts attention.

2. Granite Labradorite Blue-Green

A very unique colour, that is a mix of blue and green; it has irregular veins and grains running through it, making it very unique.

3. Granite Luise Blue

This style is not just blue, but also has yellow, orange and red tones running through it, and creating a perfect mix that will give uniqueness to your kitchen.

4. Granite Galacticca Blue

A very dark blue that is almost black; it is saturated with crystal looking parts, of very unique sapphire blue.

5. Granite Azul Bahia Blue

This sapphire blue is saturated with greyish tones. It can be paired well with light wood cabinets, where its beauty will shine the most.

6. Granite Fusion Blue Yellow

A very unique style, that looks like splashed blue and yellow tempera. This style is very bold and it is best used on smaller parts, as an accent.

7. Granite Vizag Blue

A very appreciative style, that is easy to combine and can be used as the main style for all of the cabinets. It is a mix of dark grey and blue, with fine white veining running through it.

8. Granite Blue Eyes

This style owes its name to little blue dots that are splashed all over the grey surface, that look like blue eyes. This is a perfect choice for ones that don’t want to go too bold but are looking for something more unusual then classic.

9. Granite Fusion Blue

This style is a bit more wearable alternative to Granite Fusion Blue Yellow, as it isn’t as bold. It has similar pattern, like splashed tempera. This style is appreciative for using as only colour for your kitchen worktops.

10. Granite Bross Blue

This is an almost midnight blue, that has irregular white veins running through it. This style can look good as an accent, but also as the main style for kitchen cabinets.

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