10 Granite Countertop Colour Trends for Luxury Kitchens

Granite is still one of the top choices for luxury kitchens because it’s not only beautiful, but it is high quality. It is a durable material with a beautiful colour palette in which there is something for everyone. If you were looking to replace your countertops, but you are uncertain about what’s trendy right now, you are at the right place. In this article, we will introduce you to the granite colour trends for this year, which can be implemented in your luxury kitchen project.

1. Navy

Navy is the no1 trend this year for kitchens, whether it is kitchen countertops or cabinets. This colour offers something a bit different than standard black but is still very classic and easy to combine with. Look for Pearl Extra in our range to achieve this trend.

2. Beige with a rich pattern

Traditional kitchen style is making a big comeback and rich patterns are perfect to achieve that style. Look for Harmony and Kashmir to achieve something similar.

3. Grey

Grey is always popular because it is a neutral colour that can be combined with anything. In our range, you can find some of the most beautiful grey granites, Silver stone or Steel grey for example.

4. Green

Rich green colours are with the navy the biggest colour trend of this year. You can use it in monochromatic kitchens, or use light cabinets to enhance the colour of the stone. Search for Tropical Fashion or Verde Savanna in our range to achieve the style.

5. Soft cream

Soft cream colours with delicate patterns are perfect to achieve the Bohemian style, which is one of the most popular kitchen styles recently. The colours that will go perfectly are Millenium Fantasy and Colonial White.

6. Black

Black will never go out of fashion, it looks mightily and expensive. It is the colour to go for when you want to achieve a strong effect on others. Colours that will help you achieve that are Preto Lotus and Star Galaxy.

7. Brown

Another colour perfect for traditional kitchens is brown. This colour compliments beautifully shaker cabinets and it is easy to combine with. Look for colours like Brown Silk or Labrador Antique.

8. Rich Gold

Rich Gold is a perfect way to introduce something a bit different without overdoing it. The colours that will help you achieve the style are Persa and Madura.

9. Reds

Reds are intimidating because they are not as easy to combine with, but if you choose your cabinets carefully, you can achieve stunning results. Colours like African Red can be perfect for that.

10. Pale rose

Perfect colour for romantic looking kitchens, paired with beige cabinets. Colours like Astoria Ivory will make your kitchen charming and cosy.

You don’t need to follow trends to make beautiful granite countertops, but if you wanted to know what colours are in right now, you now have a guide.

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