10 Modern Worktops Colours for Black Kitchens

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10 Modern Worktops Colours for Black Kitchens

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Dark countertops are continuing to be one of the most popular colour choices for modern looking kitchens. They are sophisticated and elegant. They will look more expensive than they really are. No matter whether you have dark or light-toned cabinets, dark worktops will look great with them. Continue reading and find out about our top 10 stone colours for black kitchens.

1. Negro Tebas

This is charcoal black with a granulated pattern. This colour will be excellent in combination with a lighter one for the kitchen island. This colour has just the right amount of details for it not to be too boring.

2. Et Noir

Veined pitch black is always in fashion. Et Noir is a very dark black with white veining. This kind of colour is excellent in combination with white cabinets because it will stand out even more.

3. Woodlands

Woodlands also has a veined pattern, but it is very different then Et Noir. While Et Noir has sharp and precise lines, Woodlands has soft and irregular lines. This will be a great substitute to Et Noir if you like softer patterns.

4. Jet Black

Jet Black is a lighter black with a granulated pattern. The tiny rocks are scattered all over the surface and are just a tone darker than the background. While Negro Tebas has white rocks, Jet Black has black. 

5. Charston

If you want a dark colour with a hint of another colour, Charston can be the way to go. It has a black background and blue dots scattered all over it. It is a perfect choice to add a bit of colour to your dark kitchen without it being too much.

6. Toros

Toros is a unique black with olive undertone. It has white splashes scattered all over the surface. The pattern is subtle and sophisticated.

7. Ice Black

If you want black with a rich pattern, Ice Black is the way to go. It has a very rich pattern that looks like white paint splashed all over the black background with some golden hues in it. This is another excellent choice for the kitchen island.

8. Nero Marquina

Nero Marquina has a very dark black background and very thick white veining. Out of the all colours with veining mentioned so far, this one is the thickest and most bold. 

9. Absolute Black

As the name suggests, this is the blackest of the blacks. It is a completely solid colour without any pattern. This is a good choice if you want to have two different colours for the worktops, one for the kitchen island and other for the rest of the cabinets.

10. Nero Seta

This is a unique mix of navy blue and black that blend perfectly into each other. The pattern looks like thick horizontal brush strokes and it makes this colour unique.

Need more help in choosing the right colour for the black kitchen? Browse our stone collection or feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.