10 Neolith Porcelain Colours for Kitchen Surfaces

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10 Neolith Porcelain Colours for Kitchen Surfaces

Neolith is a sintered material, made from a type of porcelain produced on high heat and pressure. Neolith has some great attributes that are especially important in the kitchen. Its surfaces are waterproof, easy to clean and resistant to scratching. Since it is manufactured, it has a very wide colour range because the pigments can be added to it. Neolith has a beautiful colour palette in which there is something for every buyer’s need. Here are our top 10 picks from Neolith for bespoke kitchen surfaces.

1. Nieve

Nieve is a simple creamy white colour, but very elegant at the same time. This colour is perfect if you don’t want to drive too much attention to your surfaces, but you still want them to be classy.

2. Calacatta Gold

This colour resembles the famous Italian marble type, Calacatta. It is recognizable by the white background and soft but thick grey veining. The background has a golden undertone, hence the name.

3. Iron Corten

Many Neolith porcelain colours resemble other materials, such as this one, Iron Corten. This one is inspired by Corten steel, which is recognizable by the brown colour and patina. This beautiful colour will be a great combination with beige cabinets.

4. Aspen Grey

This dark grey will be an excellent option for contemporary style kitchens. The pattern is very interesting and it looks like the sea waves. This colour doesn’t have many details, but it is also not a completely solid colour, making it a perfect choice for minimalistic kitchens.

5. Maderota

If you wanted wooden countertops, but you are worried about their durability, this colour will be perfect for you. Maderota looks like white oak and no one will be able to tell the difference on sight, just by touching it.

6. Pietra di Luna

This is the perfect colour for those who don’t want classic countertops colours but don’t want to choose a bold colour either. This is a light green colour mixed with hues of light pink. 

7. Nero

Black is always a good choice and it will never go out of fashion. It is elegant and sophisticated; it pairs well with any colour. This one has a subtle granulated pattern that makes it even more interesting.

8. Pietra di Lusso

This is a light pink colour with a subtle creamy pattern. It is the perfect choice for small kitchens because it will make them look bigger and brighter.

9. Iron Grey

As the name suggests, this is an iron-grey colour, but with a different finish and pattern then the real iron. It has an interesting pattern that looks like brush strokes.

10. Estutario

Estatuario has a veined pattern similar to Calacatta Gold. The difference is that Estaturaio has a crispy white background and thinner veining. If you like Calacatta but you wanted something even more bright, Estatuario can be the one for you.

Need more help choosing the best Neolith porcelain colour for your kitchen surfaces? Please feel free to contact us for further details.