10 Neolith Porcelain Colours for Kitchen Work Surfaces

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10 Neolith Porcelain Colours for Kitchen Work Surfaces

Neolith is a bit lesser-known brand which produces work surface in a sintered process. It is a type of porcelain material that is produced on intense heat and pressure to bind the elements. Neolith has some great characteristics that are important for kitchen surfaces. It is waterproof, easy to clean and resistant to scratching. Its colour range is beautiful and versatile, so you will have no problems finding the perfect colour for your kitchen. Here are our top ten picks from Neolith for kitchen work surfaces.

 1. Zaha Stone

 This is a mid-tone grey with thin white lines creating a beautiful picture on the canvas. This is a perfect choice for contemporary style kitchens that are usually free of any details.

 2. Phedra

 Phedra is beige with a cool undertone, which will be an excellent choice for monochromatic kitchens. It has a very subtle pattern that is almost unnoticeable until you get close to it.

 3. Pietra di Osso

Pietra di Osso is beige with a very strong pink undertone. It also has a very subtle pattern that makes it even more interesting. It is an excellent choice for small kitchens because it will make them look bigger.

 4. Basalt Black

This colour is inspired by basalt, a stone that is recognizable by the black background with silver impurities. This colour will also be a great choice for contemporary style kitchens that have no or just a few details.

 5. Beton

 Beton is inspired by the look of concrete. It is grey with a subtle pattern. This grey colour is lighter than any other grey mentioned so far and it will be a perfect pair with darker-toned cabinets.

 6. Calacatta

 Calacatta is inspired by the famous Italian marble type with the same name. It has a very similar appearance to the real Calacatta; it has a crisp white background with sharp grey-toned veining.

 7. Iron Corten

 Another colour inspired by the other material, Iron Corten is inspired by Corten steel. It has a characteristic rusty appearance and it will be a unique addition to your kitchen.

 8. Nero Marquina

 Another black colour, only this one has very thin white veining. The veining is making this colour very elegant and sophisticated. A colour like this will always be in fashion.

 9. Pietra di Luna

 If you were looking for a bit different colour then the usual, this one may be the one for you. It is a pastel green with a very subtle pattern. It is best combined with beige cabinets.

 10. Maderota

Maderota looks like oak wood. This colour is perfect for ones that want wood as their material for kitchen surfaces, but they want something a bit more fitting for the use in the kitchen. Maderota is exactly that, wood looking colour with porcelain worktop characteristics.

 Need more recommendations for Neolith porcelain colours for kitchen surfaces? Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you.