10 Popular Silestone Quartz Colours in 2021

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10 Popular Silestone Quartz Colours in 2021

This year is all about the neutral tones that are elegant and easy to combine with. Dark tones are also continuing to be popular in 2021, while some unexpected colour choices are less popular. Luckily, Silestone’s colour range is full of both neutral and dark colour choices that will be a timeless option. 

This Spanish brand is one of the leaders in quartz slabs industry. It is a renowned brand with a long history in this industry. It has a beautiful colour range that consists mostly of neutrals. Here are the ones that are predicted to be the most popular in 2021 for kitchen and bathroom work surfaces

1. Tigris Sand

Tigris sand is beige with cool undertone and a very subtle pattern. This Silestone colour is a great representative of what 2021 trend will be- soft neutral colours with subtle patterns. It will also be a good choice for monochromatic kitchens. 

2. Rougi

Rougi is a neutral mauve colour. It has a very subtle granulated pattern. This colour will be the best in combination with light-toned beige cabinets. 

3. Silken Pearl

Silke Pearl is a very light beige with a few veins here and there. A colour like this is a good choice for small-sized kitchens because it will make them look bigger. 

4. Noka

Noka is mid-toned brown with a plum undertone. This colour also has a granulated pattern. Compared to Tigris Sand and Rougi, this colour will add more contrast with beige cabinets, so it is a great alternative to them. 

5. Niebla

Niebla is a mid-toned grey with a granulated pattern. It has tiny black dots scattered all over the background. Light grey colour like this is a perfect choice if you were looking just to replace the worktops because it will pair well with anything. 

6. Lagoon

Lagoon is white with cool undertone. It has an interesting pattern that looks like the painter’s brush strokes. This colour is a timeless choice that has been popular for years. 

7. Charcol Soapstone

As the name suggests, this is a charcoal colour, a toned-down black. It has subtle white veining which makes this colour even more special. This is the perfect choice for kitchens with high contrasting colours. 

8. Et Marfil

Et Marfil is a soft beige colour with a yellow undertone. It has a very subtle veining which is not overpowering. It is a perfect choice for small, cosy kitchens. 

9. Negro Tebas

Another black colour, only this one has a different pattern. It is similar in tone to Charcaol Soapstone, only this one has a granulated pattern. 

10. Yukon

Yukon is a very light grey with a granulated pattern. It is so light that it can be also considered white with a very distinct grey undertone. It is a perfect choice if you wanted white-ish countertops, but not completely white. 

Need more help finding the perfect Silestone colour for your kitchen worktops? Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you.