10 Pros & Cons for White Quartz Countertops

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There are so many different stones to choose from when it comes to home renovations, and there are far more colour options too. However you have come to your decision, you are considering a white Quartz countertop for your home and we are going to discuss below some pros and cons.

Pros of White Quartz

Quartz is such a wonderful stone to use in your home because it offers so many benefits from being hygienic, non-porous and low maintenance. You will never have to worry about spillages on the surface, as no bacteria will ever harbour beneath which means it’s a healthy stone that will clean up very easily.

With white countertops, you will be able to achieve such an incredible fresh and clean look that will never fade. White has a power of always looking as fresh as the day you bought it after a clean.

White will also be superb for any kitchens that are on the smaller side too, as it reflects light around the room to make the kitchen look much bigger than it actually is.

The stunning look that is achieved by white Quartz is absolutely timeless and offers so much flexibility in terms of being perfect for any colour accessory. Whichever colour or shade you select for your theme and accessories, you will never have to worry about it clashing as white goes with absolutely everything.

Lastly, Quartz is also superb when it comes to being heat and scratch resistant too. Whether you accidentally leave a hot pan on the surface or slip with a sharp knife, you do not have to worry. Its stain resistance properties are also paramount for your surface being white. If you ever spill red wine, coffee or other items that are known for staining, as long as you clean the spillage away quite quickly, there will never be any mark left behind.

Cons of White Quartz

Despite white Quartz having a long list of advantages, nothing is without its cons either. White is such a beautiful colour to have within your home, however it will only have the fresh and clean look if you have the time and effort to put into maintaining it. White is one of the difficult colours to clean, as it shows up absolutely every small speck there is.

Additionally, white can also make your room look far too big. If your kitchen is on the larger side, then you may wish to rethink having white as a main colour within the room as it can often make the room appear to be way too big and unwelcoming.

Lastly, there are also cheaper alternatives to Quartz if you are looking at cost effective solutions to your countertops. If you are searching for a cheaper way to create a countertop, then you may wish to consider wood or even laminate.