10 Quartz Colours that Look Like Marble

Quartz is a very versatile material that can look like marble. The reason for that is that pigments are added to it during its production to add patterns. Quartz can be a great alternative to marble if you want a material that is more resistant to staining and scratching. Marble is recognizable by its veining, which is unique for every slab.

Here, we have selected 10 quartz colours with veining, that will look just like marble, perfect to create bespoke work surfaces for kitchen & bathroom.

 1. Brittanica Gold

 This colour has a beige background and a very thick veining. It has golden veining which will pop in combination with lighter-toned cabinets. It will be perfect in combination with oak wood.

  2. Statuario Maximus

 Statuario Maximus is a beautiful white with grey veining. The veining is not too bold but not as subtle either. This is a classic colour choice you can’t go wrong with.

 3. Toros

 Black quartz is one of the most popular options because it always looks expensive and elegant. This one has a very subtle feathery pattern on a pitch-black surface. This is a perfect choice for ones that don’t want slabs with too many details.

 4. Arabescato

Arabescato has a cool-toned white background and light-grey veining. The veining is not too thick, but not as thin either, making it a perfect choice for those of you who want a pattern, but not a bold one.

 5. Et Marquina

 Et  Marquina is black with white veining. This is another black colour that will make your kitchen or bathroom very luxurious. It will be also a great option for the kitchen island in combination with white cabinets.

6. Lyra

 Lyra is a light beige with a feathery, grey pattern. It is a very delicate colour that will look its best when paired with mid-toned cabinets, like mid-toned brown or grey.

 7. Bianco Calacatta

 Calacatta is a famous marble type that is recognizable by the crisp background and veining. This quartz colour looks just like the real marble; it has a clear, pure white, background and very thick grey veining.

 8. Tuscan Dawn

 Tuscan Dawn is a charming mid-toned brown with thin white veining. This colour will be perfect in combination with light cream cabinets.

 9. Statuario Grigio

 Statuario is another famous marble type that is different from the Calacatta in that that its background is not as pure. It has thin grey veining that creates a unique picture on a pure white canvas.

 10. Calacatta Gold

 Another classic marble look colour, Calacatta Gold is a better option if you want a warm-toned Callacata. This one will pair better with warm-toned wooden cabinets. It has the same bold pattern, only it has a different undertone. 

Need more help choosing the perfect marble looking quartz colour for your kitchen worktops? Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.

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