10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Quartz Countertops

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Quartz CountertopsIf you aren’t really that up on countertop surfaces, when it comes to redecorating your kitchen, it’s easy to get confused; of course, when you get confused, it’s also very easy to make a mistake.

For this reason, checking out all your options ahead of time is vitally important, because that way you can make an informed decision, which won’t turn out to be a glaring error in the future.

One option you have in front of you is quartz.

Now, you will have seen a lot of quartz when shopping around and perhaps looking on redecoration forums, and that is because this is a very positive stone to go for, with many advantages. Quartz is of course a natural stone, i.e. it is mined from the earth’s surface, and that means it is strong and long-lasting. When you purchase a quartz countertop, you are receiving a stone slab that is around 93% natural, i.e. the percentage of stone included, and the remaining amount is simply resin, to give you the colour you want.

If you’re a little undecided, here are ten reasons why you should be going down the quartz countertop route.

  1. Quartz is strong and durable – We mentioned that quartz is a natural stone and because of that fact, it is very strong and hard-wearing.
  1. Quartz is non-porous – This means that the stone won’t absorb liquid, and it also won’t harbour germs or bacteria. You don’t need to regularly seal your countertop for this reason.
  1. Quartz doesn’t require any maintenance – Other than the cleaning you would normally do in your kitchen, quartz doesn’t require anything else doing to it after it has been installed.
  1. Quartz is heat resistant to a large degree – If you place a hot pan down onto the surface from time to time, this is not going to cause a huge issue.
  1. Quartz is scratch resistant to a large degree – Obviously, no stone on earth is 100% scratch resistant, but quartz doesn’t scratch easily.
  1. Quartz is available in a huge number of different colours, patterns, and finishes – The biggest decision will be which one to go for!
  1. Quartz is cost-effective – If you shop around, you can find fantastic deals on your countertop, including the cost of installation.
  1. Quartz is a flexible option to go for – Because of the large number of shades available, you can easily fit this type of countertop into your space, and you can re-decorate around it.
  1. Quartz countertops have great warranties if you buy from a big named brand – Check out which supplier to go for, but you will generally receive a long warranty, which gives you peace of mind.
  1. Quartz basically looks fantastic! – Yes, granite and marble are all great in their own right, but the fact remains that quartz looks the part, and it is serviceable too.

Have these ten reasons converted you towards quartz for your new kitchen countertop? Remember to shop around for the best deals, and always check out colours in person, to see how they react to natural and artificial lights. Stick to neutral or flexible colours, and that way you will be able to decorate around your countertop in the future, without having to replace it early because the colour doesn’t go with your new décor.