10 Tips for Selecting Natural Stone Countertops for your Kitchen

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Looking for new kitchen countertops, but you still haven’t decided about the material and colour? Surely, natural stones are one of the first options of many people, and for good reasons. They have excellent performances that are of value in the kitchens and will make your everyday life easier.

At InovaStone we offer natural stone countertops with many colour options for you to choose from.

1. Inform about the materials
Marble and granite are natural stones that can be used, among other purposes, for kitchen countertops. Although both materials have proven to be excellent for kitchen countertops, you should consider the pros and cons of both. In our blog section, you can find everything about natural stone countertops, from tips to maintaining to best colour choices.

2. Visit the showroom
For the best insight into the colour and texture of the materials, you should visit the showroom.

3. Choosing the colour
If you can’t decide about the material, maybe you can first decide about the colour. If both materials are equally good by your standards, then choose the one that has that particular colour you like.

4. Consider what you already have
On the other hand, if you have decided which material to choose, but haven’t decided about the colour, consider what you already have in your home. The colour that appears the most is likely to be the safest choice.

5. Consider the budget
Not all colours have the same price, due to the reason that some colours are rarer than others. With us, you can always plan your expenses up front and ask us for a free quote.

6. Consider the kitchen style
Do you like better modern or traditional type kitchens? That can help a lot when choosing the right colour and stone for you. Note that both materials can be used for both modern and traditional styles, it just depends on the level of details of a certain style.

7. Consider the size of your kitchen
If you have a small kitchen, it is best to choose a light colour with fewer details that will make your kitchen look more spacious. On the other hand, if you have a large kitchen and want to make it look spatially fuller, you should choose dark toned countertops.

8. Consider the effect
Consider the effect your kitchen composition will give to other people and to you; do you like a dramatic or well-balanced effect? If you like better more dramatic effect, choose the contrasting colour of your cabinets, and if you like well-balanced effect, choose similarly coloured countertops to your cabinets.

9. Ask for a free sample
Once you have considered all these aspects, make a shortlist and visit our showroom again. Tell us what you like and we will give you a free sample to take with you. That might help you visualize how a certain colour will look in your kitchen.

10. Finishing touches
If you want your countertops to last as much as they can, you can consider special treatments of the edges. Edges are more prone to chipping and if they are specially treated they can be more resistant to that.

Have you already decided which material and colour are yours? If yes, contact us and we will template, supply and fit your natural stone countertops in just 7 days!