10 Tips to Select the Best Stone Colour for Your Worktops

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10 Tips to Select the Best Stone Colour for Your Worktops

Stones have been the most popular materials for worktops because, among other great characteristics, they have a wide colour range and are beautiful. But that variety in colours and patterns can be also intimidating. With so many options available you may find yourself not knowing where to start from. Luckily, we have decided to make it a bit easier on you and bring you 10 tips on how to select the stone colour for your worktops.

1. Look for inspiration

Social networks like Pinterest can be a great way to inspire and find a type of kitchen that you like. When you find it, make sure to save it and try to find a similar colour that is presented in the picture. 

2. Visit the website

On our website, you can look at swatches of all the materials and colours we have to offer. You can pick your favourites and ask us for a free quote

3. Print the colours

When you have selected the colours you like, you can print them to actually see how they look like in person. You can also find the drawing of your kitchen, print it and then stamp the colours, to see how well they match each other. 

4. Ask for samples

You can contact us and ask for samples of the colours that you like. Once you receive your samples it can be easier to visualize them in your kitchen and also feel their texture. 

5. Consider contrasting colours

If you are still not sure about the colour, think about what kind of effect you want to achieve. Contrasting colours like black and white give a more dramatic effect. 

6. Consider going monochromatic

Monochromatic kitchens will give a more balanced then dramatic effect. Consider using a colour that is similar to the colour of the cabinets, or that is just a few shades darker. 

7. Choose what you already have

Choosing a colour that appears the most in your home is a safe bet and you cannot go wrong with it. Such colour will easily adapt to your home style. 

8. Think about the style

Some colours are more popular for traditional kitchen style, while others are better for contemporary looking kitchens. If you want a more contemporary look, colours like dark grey and charcoal are the way to go, while for traditional style kitchens the best options are brown and warm beige. 

9. Choose material first

When you choose the material first, you will have a lot fewer colours to choose from and the decision may be easier. In our blog you can read all about the materials we have to offer. 

10. Take your time

Don’t rush your decision, take as much time as you can to make sure that it is the right one. After all, stones are a very durable material and will last you for decades, so it is best to choose wisely. 

Need more help choosing the right stone colour for your worktops? Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you.