10 Tips & Tricks to Maintain Marble Work Surfaces

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10 Tips & Tricks to Maintain Marble Work Surfaces

The first question of many homeowners looking to invest in marble work surfaces is how hard is marble to maintain. Marble indeed requires a bit more care than other stones, but it also comes with other advantages. Marble is a porous material which tends to get stained. But with proper care and maintenance, you will have no problems with that.

 Continue reading and find out about the best tips to maintain marble work surfaces and make them shine.

 1. Clean the stains as soon as possible

 Marble can get stained by several liquids, such as wine, coffee or soft drinks. Since marble is porous, the liquids can penetrate deeper into the stone, resulting in a stain. To prevent that from happening, simply remove the spills as soon as possible and clean the spot with a mild detergent.

 2. Seal it regularly

 Sealing marble is the key to making it less prone to staining. Marble should be sealed once or twice a year, depending on the quality of the sealer and the marble type.

 3. Use heat protectors

 Marble conducts temperature from other objects quickly and it is resistant to high temperatures. However, that doesn’t mean that you should postpone a hot pan directly on it because it can you’re your marble. Make sure to use heat protectors when you need to postpone something coming directly from the oven.

 4. Daily cleaning

 For the cleaning of daily residue, you can use simply a soft cloth and water. If you need to remove a tougher spill, you can also make some soapy water to remove it thoroughly.

 5. Use chamois

Chamois is an excellent product if you want to make your marble extra shiny. Firstly, damp the surface with water or with a glass cleaner and then polish your worktops with chamois.

 6. Avoid acids

 Chemicals that contain high acid percentage can damage marble. Acids can be found in many household cleaners and you should avoid them. Instead, just use soap or special cleaning products designed for marble.

 7. Use a cutting board

 Marble is prone to scratching because it is soft. Avoid cutting directly on it and use a cutting board

 8. Deeper cleaning

 From time to time you can do the deeper cleaning to make your marble surfaces more hygienic and clean. You can make a cleaning solution from vinegar and water, but also use a specialized cleaner for marble.

 9. Removing ink

 To remove ink from the marble you will need more than water and soap. The best way is to use rubbing alcohol. Note that the alcohol shouldn’t be used on the whole surface, but just on the spot. Just pour a bit of rubbing alcohol on the cotton pad and rub the spot.

 10. Avoid scratching

 Marble can be hard to repair once it gets scratched. If the scratch is not too deep, you can try with acrylic solution, but if the scratch is too deep it is best to call the professionals.

 Need more advice about the maintenance of marble? Feel free to visit InovaStones’s showroom or contact us for any additional question you may have.