12 Black Granite Stone Colours for Kitchen Countertops

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Black is, along with white, the most popular colour for kitchen countertops. The reason for that is that black is very easy to combine with other colours and also it is always in fashion. Choosing black granite will not just make your kitchen elegant and sophisticated, but it will make it very durable and resistant to mechanical loads. We have decided to make your life a bit easier and make a list of 12 most beautiful granite colours for kitchen countertops.

1. Absolute Black

This is a completely solid colour, the blackest of the blacks. It will be an excellent choice for contemporary style kitchens.

2. Copacabana

On the other hand, if you were looking for a black colour with very rich detailing and high contrasts, this is the one for you. Copacabana has a black field and very thick white veining.

3. Preto Lotus

If neither Absolute black nor Copacabana works for you and you want something in between, Preto Lotus is exactly that. It has thinner, white veining.

4. Nordic Sunset

Nordic Sunset is similar to Preto Lotus, only it has a lighter black colour and more densely packed veining.

5. Midnight Orchestra

This one will be perfect for the kitchen island, used as an accent. It has white lines that are running horizontally on the surface.

6. Star Galaxy

This black has white gemstones scattered on the surface. From up far it looks like the Night Sky, hence the Star Galaxy name.

7. Forest Black

Forest Black is also a lighter toned black and has beige lines running on the surface. The combinations with beige cabinets will make it stand out even more.

8. Fusion Black

If you want something where black is not so dominant, but it is still there, this is the colour for you. Fusion Black has a black background that is very subtle compared to the gold veining running through it.

9. Angola Black

This is a mix of a few different colours that blend perfectly into each other. It is a mix of black, white, grey with golden details. It will be best for the kitchen island, combined with simple black for the other countertops.

10. Belvedere Leather

Belvedere Leather is a lighter black that has white veining running throughout it. Combinations with white cabinets will leave everyone speechless.

11. Black Beauty

This one has a black background and large coloured stones on its surface. Because of its very rich detailing, it is best used as an accent.

12. Cosmic Black

Cosmic is a mix of blue and black, with white and gold splashes of colour scattered irregularly on the surface.

No matter which granite colour you choose, it will make a great addition to your kitchen. Granite countertops are very durable and have a high resistance to staining and scratching.

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