12 Cimstone Quartz Colours for Kitchen Worktops

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Cimstone is a well-known brand, famous for its quartz slabs. Their quartz slabs are very high quality and come with a 15-year warranty. Quartz is one of the materials that have gained much popularity over the past few years, especially for the use in the kitchen. It has great characteristics that are in particular value in the kitchen, for example, ease of maintenance, resistance to stains and high temperature.

If you are thinking about Cimstone for your new kitchen worktops, continue reading to find out about the most beautiful colours from its range.

1. Calacatta Venato
Calaccata Venato is a marble effect colour that has very thick and pronounced grey veining on a white surface. It will be best as an accent on the kitchen island, but it will also look good as the only colour for the whole kitchen.

2. Fuga
This is almost a solid grey colour, it has barely noticeable dots on its surface. This style is great for all sorts of combinations, with both light and dark toned cabinets.

3. Arena
Arena also looks completely solid, until you look closely. It is a very pale beige colour with fine darker dots. It will be great for a small kitchen, as it will make it look more spacious.

4. Lapaz
Lapaz has very pronounced granulation on a beige background. It is a perfect choice if you like a more traditional and detailed kitchen.

5. Toros
This is a midnight black with fine white fleck on it. It is a great choice for minimal and modern kitchens.

6. Bianco Carrara
This is a classic choice and a timeless option. If you are just looking to replace the worktops and not the whole kitchen, this colour will easily adapt in any kitchen style. It is white with very fine grey flacks on it.

7. Boreas
Boreas is a mid-toned grey with darker granulation splashed on its surface. The combinations with oak wood cabinets will give fantastic results.

8. Efes
Efes is brown with a red undertone and very fine flacks splashed on its surface. It is an excellent choice for traditional kitchens.

9. Smyrna
This is ochre colour with very fine white flacks splashed like tempera. The combinations with cherry tree cabinets will leave everyone speechless.

10. Statuario Unique
Another style with marble effect, Statuario Unique has very pronounced veining that draws a unique picture on white canvas.

11. Lapland
This is a mix of white and yellow with very pronounced grey granulation. Pairing it with darker toned cabinets will give a well-balanced composition.

12. Artemis
Artemis is a pure white that is a perfect choice for minimalists.

Cimstone quartz is one of the best options for kitchen worktops. Not only that it is high quality, but it also offers a very sophisticated colour palette. In its range, you will find a colour that will never go out of fashion.

For more information about Cimstone quartz prices and colour palette, make sure to contact us.