15 Affordable Granite Colours for Kitchen Islands

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Thinking about kitchen renovation? Naturally, granite is one of the first materials when it comes to choosing the right one for kitchen island and countertops. Granite’s popularity is not without a reason- this material has proven to have excellent characteristics in kitchens, as well as for other elements of your home. It is very durable, long-lasting, resists heat very well, it’s hard to stain and scratch…Now it’s just the matter of choosing the right colour that will fit your budget and home appeal. Therefore, we have made a list of the 15 affordable granite colours to help you decide which one is the best for you.

1. Andromeda White
This is a very classy style, with a white background with silver veining and black dots splashed on its canvas. This style will fit well in both traditional and modern style kitchens.

2. White Galaxy Cream
White Galaxy Cream has a creamy background with black dots splashed all throughout it. It is also very appreciative for all sorts of combinations.

3. Colonial Gold
This style will bring richness and warmth to your kitchen. It has a white gold surface with gold veining splashed on it.

4. Bohus Grey
Bohus Grey is very unique because on the first glance it almost seems like a solid colour, but it has very fine veining that is just a tone darker than its background.

5. Silver Storm
This is a lighter grey with black and white dots scattered all over its surface that reminds of a storm. You can use it as an accent for the kitchen island, but also on the other countertops.

6. Absolute Black
As the name suggests, this is the darkest of the blacks. It is a completely solid colour and will give your kitchen island an accent when paired with contrasting colours for other countertops.

7. Brown Silk
This is a rusty brown with lighter, irregular veining. It will make your kitchen island pop and give your kitchen a more traditional vibe.

8. Astoria Ivory Light Cream
This is a cream with peachy veining that makes it very unique. Pairing it with light-toned cabinets will give softness and elegance to your kitchen.

9. Colonial White
This style has very fine veining on a creamy white background. It is a classic and will never go out of fashion.

10. Imperial White
This is a cool-toned white with blue-grey specks scattered on its surface.

11. New Kashmir White
This style has very fine blue and grey dots that are splashed like stardust.

12. White Arabesque
This is a white with distinct grey veining. The veining draws a unique picture that will give your kitchen island a personality of its own.

13. Kashmir Lime
Kashmir Lime is very unique because it has lime green veining on a light grey surface. To make it even more unique, it has rusty dots all throughout it.

14. Millennium Fantasy Cream
Millennium Fantasy Cream has a cream background with bluish veining that forms the shape of a wave.

15. Thunder White
This style has very bold grey veining. Your kitchen island will become a centrepiece with this style.

Looking for an affordable granite colour for your kitchen? Look no further and contact us today. In just 7 days, you can have your granite countertops installed and ready for use.