15 Beautiful Granite Colours for Luxurious Kitchen Islands

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Granite is a material that is always a good choice for your kitchen. It is very durable, it won’t break when exposed to high temperatures and it is highly resistant to scratches. Colour for the kitchen island can be different from the colour of the other countertops and you can choose one that will be an accent in your kitchen. Continue reading to find out our picks for the granite colours that can be used for kitchen islands.

1. Cosmic Black
This colour has a black field and white splashes of colour that make this colour very special.

2. Cosmic White
Cosmic White has a similar concept to Cosmic Black, only it has a white surface and grey splashes of colour.

3. Vizag Blue
A very unique style that is a mix of few colours. It has mostly grey field with blue splashes of colour scattered on the surface.

4. Labrador Antique White
This is a very rusty brown with noticeable granulation. It is an excellent choice for shaker style kitchens.

5. Millennium Fantasy Cream
This colour is a mix of cream and blue that blend seamlessly into each other. A colour like this will make your kitchen look bigger.

6. Preto Lotus Black and Gold
This colour has a black field and very bold golden veining. The combination with just solid black colour for the other countertops will make Preto Lotus a statement in your kitchen.

7. Verde Eucalyptus
A combination of this colour for the kitchen island and beige for the other countertops will give a well-balanced and charming composition.

8. Bohus Grey
Bohus Grey is suitable for contemporary style kitchens that don’t have too many details. It is mid-toned grey with very fine granulation.

9. Violetta
This is a mix of few different colours- red, rose, blue and cream. The colour for the other countertops should be without or with very few details.

10. Absolute Black
A completely solid colour, a true black. The combinations with white countertops with black veining will give stunning results.

11. Colonial White
This white has a rose undertone and very fine specks scattered on the surface.

12. Astoria Ivory Light Cream
This colour has a cream field and very bold rose-gold veining. It will be a great accent in monochromatic kitchens.

13. Silver Storm
Silver Storm is a mid-toned grey with darker lines running throughout it. This is an excellent choice for minimalists as it has very few details.

14. Copacabana Black
Copacabana has very thick and bold white veining on the black surface. This colour will make your kitchen island pop like no other.

15. White Galaxy
This is neutral white with black dots scattered on its surface. It can be used as the only colour for your countertops, as it has just a few details.

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