15 Silestone Colours for Kitchen Worktops

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Silestone is the world’s leading producer when it comes to Quartz, and it even comes with a genuine 25-year transferable warranty. As Silestone Quartz has been man made with 94% Natural Quartz, this makes the surface incredibly durable.

With it’s non-porous qualities, you will never have to worry about stains again and it also aids in your cleaning routine too.

Silestone comes in a wide range of different colours and shades, to offer you a huge amount of possibilities.

Arden Blue Suede

With the main colour being black, there is a hint of blue throughout which gives it a beautiful contrast of colours. Mixed in are light colours of browns to create markings throughout.

Blanco Dune

Blanco Dune is one of our many off-white creamy colours. Throughout the surface there are tiny speckles however with there not being many, it gives a hint of a pattern which is perfect for those who do not want a solid colour but also not a busy pattern either.

Blanco City Suede

This off-white colour slab has been given golden and brown stones throughout. This is a perfect colour for a homeowner who is looking for a very neutral and bright slab to bring a fresh look into their kitchen.


Cygnus is another one of our many blue colours but this one is so light that it would look stunning in any kitchen area. With slightly darker blue veining, it gives an almost Marble like appearance on the surface for that hint of luxury.

Dinux Suede

Dinux Suede has a black base colour with white and darker blacks throughout, which offer a stone like pattern to the slab.

White Platinum

White Platinum is another one of our lighter colours, with a white base colour the dark grey speckles give a wonderful contrast. These speckles are larger and stone like in appearance. White Platinum has to be one of the most commonly seen colours because it works so well within kitchens.

Yukon Suede

Yukon Suede has a creamy base colour with white markings throughout to create a slight pattern on top. Cream and white works together to create the perfect blend for a neutral slab to bring light into your kitchen area.


Tao is one of our darker colours of slabs, which has a dark black base colour with slight darker black on top. The darker black works well to create a pattern throughout, which is perfect for homeowners who are not wanting much of a pattern but also do not want a plain colour. Rather than have the markings lighter, the darker pattern offers a subtle appearance.

Rain Forest

Rain Forest has a black and grey base colour underneath some chunks of colour throughout. The chunks of colour are mixed of golden colours to create a beautiful contrast between dark and light.

Kona Beige

As in the name, Kona Beige is one of our beige colours which is a wonderful choice for anyone searching for a beautiful neutral colour to compliment their kitchen area. With the base colour being beige with grey, white and golden markings on top, these markings offer a stone like appearance.


Haiku is one of our solid and plain white colours, which is absolutely perfect for bringing a new fresh look into any kitchen. For homeowners who are looking for subtle elegancy, this is the perfect choice.

Stellar Negro

Stellar Negro is another one of our darker colours within the range. The black base colour works well with the white speckles throughout. These white speckles are a mixture of large and small, creating a stunning worktop.


If you are searching for a colour worktop but not wanting to go as light as white, or dark as black, then this is one of the best choices for you. With a light brown colour underneath, there are tiny lighter brown speckles throughout to give it some life.

Stellar Eros

If you are looking for something a bit different, then Stellar Eros is definitely something to consider. The main base colour is red with darker reds and white chunks throughout to give it some life and contrast, creating an almost 3D effect.


Much like the name, this colour worktop is one of our grey colours. With a grey base colour, it has been given a lighter grey pattern of tiny speckles throughout to give the appearance of dots. This is a great choice for a homeowner who is looking for a subtle pattern without much fuss at all.