15 Tips & Tricks to Choose the Right Stone Worktops

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15 Tips & Tricks to Choose the Right Stone Worktops

Stones are the best materials for kitchen worktops and bathroom work surfaces because they have excellent characteristics. They are very durable, will resist staining and heat well as well. But choosing one out of the three can be a difficult task, so continue reading our tips and tricks on how to choose the right stone worktops.

 1. Inform about the materials

 At InovaStones, we offer both manufactured and natural stones. In our range, we gave granite and marble as natural, while quartz is a manufactured stone. In the blog section of our website, you can read all about these materials.

2. Consider the style

 For traditional style kitchens and bathrooms, marble and granite can be a better option. For a contemporary style, quartz can be the one. But don’t take this as a rule; all three materials can be great for any style.

3. Consider your budget

 Generally speaking, quartz is the most affordable out of the three. If you have a tight budget, it is better to choose quartz over natural stones.

4. Visit the showroom

 In the showroom, you will not only be able to see the colours in person but also to feel their texture. Visit InovaStones’s showroom for free samples.

5. Functionality

If you already have some elements installed, it is best to choose the same material for worktops also. For example, if you have granite tiles, it is best to choose granite worktops also.

 6. Consider the size

 The size of your worktops is important when choosing the colour and later the materials. For small-sized rooms, it is best to choose lighter colours, while for big sized stick to the darker colours.

 7. Ask for free samples

 You can ask for free samples to take with you. They will help you visualize a certain material in your kitchen or bathroom.

8. Think about the colour

 Colour is one of the main factors to consider. Quartz has the widest colour range and if you are looking for unusual colour, you should look in its range.

 9. Weigh the pros and cons

 All three stones have their pros and cons and it is best to weigh them according to your needs.

 10. Consider using two options

 If you just can’t decide between two materials, consider using one for the kitchen island and the other for the rest of the cabinets.

 11. Ask friends and family about their opinions

 Maybe your family and friends have already some of these materials for their worktops. Ask them about their opinion and satisfaction with a certain material.

 12. Think about the effect

 With quartz, you can achieve a minimalistic effect, while with the other two you will create a more classic appeal. Think about what you prefer.

 13. Choose durable materials

 Choosing stones over the other materials is a smart decision. Among them, granite tends to be the most durable one, but the other two are also very tough and sturdy.

 14. Ask for professional advice

 You can always contact our team and ask for advice on choosing the right material for your new worktops.

 15. Take your time

Don’t rush your decision. Take as much time as you need to make sure you are making the right decision.

 Need more help choosing the right stone worktops for you? Please, contact us and we will do our best to help you.