20 Affordable Quartz Stone Colours for Bathroom Countertops

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Have you already decided to go with quartz for your new bathroom countertops, but still haven’t chosen the colour? If so, we will help you choose an affordable stylish colour by bringing you the 20 best affordable quartz stone colours for bathroom countertops.

1. Black Rocks

This style has a black field with darker black rocks scattered on the surface. Combinations with white cabinets will give interesting compositions.

2. Osprey

Osprey is very light beige with distinct granulation. It is an excellent choice for small sized bathrooms.

3. Concrete

Concrete is a brown with a purple undertone that will pair nicely with beige cabinets.

4. Ella

If you are looking for a colour with a few details, Ella is a perfect choice. It is white with very fine black veining.

5. Queen

Queen has a similar concept to Ella, only it is a grey colour with white veining.

6. Arena

A white with a yellow undertone, such as Arena, will make your bathroom look bigger and brighter.

7. Blanco Carrara

Blanco Carrara is one of the most sophisticated colours, it is white with very fine black splashes of colour.

8. Statuario Unique

If you like rich detailing, you will certainly like Statuario Unique- it has cool-toned white field and very bold black veining.

9. Classic Gris

Blue colour with grey granulation may be a bit uncommon choice, but it will make your bathroom very elegant and luxurious.

10. Serengeti

Another blue colour, only this one is much darker compared to Classic Gris. It has dark splashes of colour which make Serengeti very unique.

11. Milano

If you are looking just to replace the bathroom countertop, a colour like Milano is a safe choice. It is mid-toned grey that will combine well with anything.

12. Passion

If you are looking for something other than classic colours like white, beige and black, Passion may be what you were looking for. It is very bright red with just a few white dots.

13. Warm Functional

This is a very dark grey that you can combine with all sorts of colours, from neutrals to warms and cools.

14. Azabache

This colour has a black field with black and white rocks on it. Looking from up far, it looks like the night sky.

15. Domoos

If you were looking for black colour, but want it to be without any details, you might like Domoos. It is a completely solid dark black.

16. Kadum

Kadum has a very fine gradient of brown, verging from the darker to lighter brown colour.

17. Botticino

This is ochre colour with very distinct white veining. Combinations with white tiles will just make this colour stand out even more.

18. Grigio Metallo

If you like already mentioned grey colours, but want something with more details, Grigio Metallo might be the colour for you. It has grey and white rock scattered irregularly on the grey field.

19. Eternal Marquina

One of the most elegant colours, Eternal Marquina is a black colour with thin white veining.

20. Crema Stellar

One of the most classic choices, a completely solid beige colour will be very easy to combine with.

Have you already decided which quartz colour is yours? If so, contact us and we will template, supply and fit quartz countertops in just 7 days!