20 Beautiful Granite Stone Colours for Worktops

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20 Beautiful Granite Stone Colours for Worktops

Granite is still one of the most popular stones for kitchen and bathroom worktops. This stone is known for its durability, resistance to high temperatures and hardness. It is also one of the most beautiful stones and will make any space very luxurious. It comes in a variety of colours for every buyer’s need.

Continue reading and find out about the most beautiful granite stone colours that can be used for both kitchen and bathroom worktops.

 1. Absolute Black

 As the name suggests, this is a very dark black, without any granulation or veining. It is a perfect choice for minimalists.

 2. Via Lattea

 If you want very dark black but with some details, look for Via Lattea. It has white veining on a pitch-black surface.

 3. Andromeda

 Andromeda is white with a grey undertone and subtle grey veining. It is a perfect choice for small kitchens as it will make them look bigger.

 4. Colonial

 Colonial is a very unique colour that is a mix of white and rose. It has a very subtle pattern that makes this colour very elegant.

 5. White Galaxy

 White Galaxy has a similar pattern to Colonial, but it is just a pure white. It has tiny black dots scattered all over the background.

 6. Brown Silk

 Brown Silk is a true brown that will be a perfect choice for traditional style kitchens. It has subtle, beige veining.

 7. Blue Eyes

 This colour has a black and white background with blue dots scattered all over the surface. These tiny blue dots look like blue eyes, hence the name.

 8. Vizag

Vizag is a combination of blue and dark grey. The colours blend perfectly into each other and create a nice gradient. This colour will be a perfect choice for modern style kitchens.

 9. Preto Lotus

 Preto Lotus has a black background with unique golden veining. The veining is very thick and pronounced, so it is best to use this colour only as an accent.

 10. Verde Fantastico

 Green is not the first choice for many, but this one can be nicely combined with beige cabinets. It is a forest green that will make your kitchen one of a kind.

 11. Bohus

 Bohus is a mid-toned grey and a perfect choice for anyone looking to just replace the worktops. This neutral colour will pair well with any other colour.

 12. Silver Storm

 Silver Storm is a mix of light grey and white which blend perfectly into each other. It also has tiny black dots scattered all over the background.

 13. Steel Grey

 This is a very dark grey with a very pronounced pattern. It has a granulated pattern with very large, pronounced rocks.

 14. White Macaubas

 This is a pure white with subtle grey veining. It is a classic that will never go out of fashion.

 15. Taj Mahal

 Taj Mahal is white with golden veining. It has an ancient vibe and it is very elegant.

 16. Bianco Antico

 Bianco Antico also has an ancient vibe that is even more pronounced. It is a mix of white and grey with a subtle pattern.

 17. Indian Black

 Indian Black has a black background and beige veining all over it. The veining is very pronounced and beautiful.

 18. Coffee

 Coffee is a rusty brown with a granulated pattern. Its rocks are very large and pronounced.

 19. Copacabana

 Another black, but this one has very thick and bold veining. Since it has such pronounced veining, it will be best for a kitchen island as an accent.

 20. Star Galaxy

 Starlight quartz is one of the most popular types for worktops as it is very elegant. Star Galaxy is no exception.

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