20 Most Popular Quartz Countertop Colours

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Quartz stone

20 Most Popular Quartz Countertop Colours

Quartz stone

Quartz is one of the best materials for someone looking to renovate a kitchen or bathroom. The main reason is that quartz has a very wide colour palette. In its range, you can find classic colour choices as well as some very bright and unusual colours.

Continue reading and find out what are the most popular quartz countertop colours that will make any kitchen or bathroom beautiful. Check out also our full stone collection for kitchen countertops.

 1. Tigris Sand

 Tigris is a neutral sandstone colour from Silestone that will pair nicely with any colour of the cabinets. It has a very subtle granulation that makes it even more special.

 2. Marengo

Marengo is an excellent choice for contemporary style kitchens. It is dark grey with a subtle granulation. This colour is also a good option for monochromatic kitchens.

 3. Iconic white

 Pure white is a great choice when you are looking just to replace the countertops. This very bright white will make any room look bigger than it is.

 4. Topus Concrete

 Topus Concrete is a pale pink with beige undertone. It is a perfect choice to combine with mid-toned beige cabinets.

 5. Vanilla Noir

 Black countertops with white veining are a classic that will never go out of fashion. Vanilla Noir has thin, but very ramose veins.

 6. Mink

 Deep brown like this is an excellent colour for traditional style kitchens. Mink has a red undertone that makes it even more unique.

 7. Statuario Milan

 Quartz with marble effect is an excellent choice for elegant, timeless kitchen designs. Statuario Milan is recognizable by the pure white background and thin veining.

 8. Marbre Carrara

 Carrara is another marble effect quartz colour that is recognizable by the white background and subtle blurred veining.

 9. Serengeti

 Serengeti is a mix of deep grey and blue. It is a very unique colour from Classic Quartz Stone that will be an excellent choice for a kitchen island.

 10. Carrik

 Mid-toned grey is one of the safest and most elegant choices. If you are very indecisive, choosing a colour like this is a safe bet, because it pairs well with anything.

 11. Oakmoor

 Oakmoor is a beige colour with a yellow undertone. It has a very interesting pattern that looks like sand dunes.

 12. Queen

 This colour is very popular because it pairs well with any cabinetry colour, while still having an interesting pattern. It has white veining on grey background.

 13. Nocturno Ice

 Black starlight quartz is one of the most popular picks for both kitchens and bathrooms. White dots scattered all over the surface make an interesting detail that is unrepeatable.

 14. Botticino

 Botticino is beige that will be a great option for monochromatic kitchens. Paired with similarly toned cabinets it will make your kitchen very elegant and cosy.

 15. Artico Supreme

 White with yellow undertone is a great choice for anyone looking to replace just the countertops.

 16. Taupe

 As the name suggests this is a taupe colour with subtle granulation. It will be best paired with oak wood cabinets.

 17. Native Grigio Atlantic

 This is a very light grey with subtle white veining. It is the perfect choice for small kitchens because it will make them look bigger.

 18. Kwork

 Kwork is a mix of grey and purple. It is a very unique colour with interesting granulation.

 19. Snow

 Snow has a white background with grey rocks scattered all over it. It is a perfect option for ones looking for a white colour with many details.

 20. Statuario Unique

 This Statuario is a bit different because it has a light grey background with darker grey veining. The veining makes this colour very special, as it is different for every slab.

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