20 Most Popular Silestone Colours for 2019 for Kitchen Worktops

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20 Most Popular Silestone Colours

Silestone is a world leading brand when it comes to quartz kitchen worktops. For many years, it has become the synonym for high-quality quartz surfaces that are long-lasting and durable. This brand has some of the most classic, yet elegant and stylish colours in its range. Here, we are bringing the 20 most popular Silestone colours for this season that will be a great addition to your kitchen.

1. Eternal Calacatta Classic
This colour has a bright white field with very thick grey veining. It is a classic you can’t go wrong with.

2. Eternal Marquina
The concept of this colour is similar to Calacatta- it has a black field with thick white veining.

3. Gris Expo
Grey is one of the easiest colours to combine with. If you are looking just to replace the kitchen worktops and not the whole kitchen, look for something like this colour.

4. Tigris Sand
This is mid-toned beige that will be an excellent choice for small-sized kitchens. Combinations with similarly toned cabinets will give well-balanced compositions.

5. Pearl Jasmine
If you like the idea of Calacatta, but want something a bit more delicate, this is the right colour for you. Pearl Jasmine has very fine veining that is almost unnoticeable until you get close to it.

6. Iconic Black
Perfect colour for contemporary style kitchens, a true black without any veining or details.

7. Miami White
Miami white is a completely solid colour, a very bright white. It is the white pendant to Iconic Black.

8. Iron Bark
A true rich brown like Iron Bark is a great choice for traditional style kitchens. It has a very fine granulation that makes this colour unique.

9. Niebla
Niebla is a very pale grey, a colour that can be matched with both light and dark toned cabinets.

10. Eternal Marfil
This is beige with yellow undertone. It has a very fine pattern that is almost unnoticeable. A colour like this will make your kitchen look more spacious than it is.

11. Charcoal Soapstone
This is black with very fine and delicate white veining. Since the veining is so fine, it can be used for the whole kitchen and it won’t look like too much.

12. Alpine White
Alpina white is a very unique colour that is hard to describe- it is a mix of white and grey with a warm undertone. It has a very fine white granulation.

13. Blanco Calacatta
This is a pure white with very thick grey veining. Because the veining is so thick, this colour will be excellent as an accent, for example on the kitchen island.

14. Eternal Emperador
This is a mid-toned black with thin white veining and very fine granulation.

15. Unsui
Unsui is dark brown with a grey undertone. Combinations with lighter toned wooden cabinets will leave everyone speechless.

16. Lyra
Lyra has a white field with very fine black specks scattered on the surface.

17. Darla
This is beige with a warm undertone and very fine white veining.

18. Marengo
Marengo is very dark grey with a blue undertone. It will make your kitchen elegant and sophisticated.

19. White Storm
A completely solid white colour with warm undertone will be easy to combine with any colour of cabinets.

20. Eternal Calacatta Gold
This is a very bright white with thick but not too bold golden veining.

Have you already decided which Silestone colour will be yours? If so, contact us and we will template, supply and fit Silestone kitchen worktops in just 7 days!