20 Premium Quartz Colours for Kitchen Worktops

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Quartz is a material in which range you can find almost any colour you like. It is a manufactured product, during which’s production the pigments are added to change its colour. In quartz’s range, there is everything from classic colour choices to very unusual ones.

1. Dreamy Marfil
This is mid-toned beige with darker splashes of colour here and there. It can be used as the only colour for kitchen worktops because it is very soft but sophisticated.

2. Britannica Gold
This colour has a white field and very thick gold veining. It will be an excellent accent for the kitchen island.

3. Ares
Ares is dark brown with black splashes of colour. The combinations with beige cabinets will give excellent results.

4. Tundra
Tundra is a mid-toned grey with subtle white splashes of colour. It is an excellent choice if you are looking just to replace the worktops because this colour combines well with everything.

5. Calacatta
Calacatta has a white field and thin grey veining. This colour is available bookmatched. Bookmatching refers to the two connecting surfaces mirroring each other.

6. Classic Gris
This is cool toned blue that has very distinct darker granulation.

7. Passion
This colour is only for the bold ones- it is solid bright red. The combinations with white or beige cabinets will give excellent results.

8. Clay
If you like the idea of Passion, but you want something a bit tamer, Clay is the right colour for you. Clay is a mix of brown and red.

9. Domoos
This is the blackest of the blacks, a completely solid colour that is a perfect choice for minimalists.

10. Bianco Venezia
Classic white is always in fashion. Bianco Venezia has very fine granulation that is almost unnoticeable.

11. Rougui
A mid-toned brown is one of the safest choices- it pairs well with any colour of wooden cabinets.

12. Anis
Anis is forest green that is a bit unusual choice, but pairing it with oak wood cabinets will give stunning composition.

13. Briliante Nero
If you want a black that has a few details that make it interesting, Briliante Nero is the one to go for. It has white dots scattered on the surface, that look like the night sky when looked from up far.

14. Skye
Skye is another colour that you need to be sure that you want exactly that colour; it is sea blue with white splashes of colour.

15. Mosaic Bold Black
This colour has a brown field that is almost unnoticeable because of the white jackstones that are densely packed.

16. Botticino
Botticino is a beige colour with a pink undertone. It will make your kitchen very sophisticated and elegant.

17. Seregenti
This is a mix of blue and grey with darker blue splashes of colour on the surface.

18. Langdon
Langdon is a colour with many details-in basis it is beige, but it has black veining and red jackstones.

19. Roxewell
Roxewell is another colour with many details- it is a mix of a few different tones of grey that blend perfectly into each other.

20. Raven
This is very dark brown with a reddish undertone. It is an excellent choice for shaker style kitchens.

No matter which quartz colour you choose for kitchen worktops, one is certain; quartz worktops are very high quality and will make your everyday life easier. There are numerous quartz colours and brands available and you should have no problems finding the perfect one.

Having more questions about quartz’s range of colours and prices? Please contact us, and we will be happy to help you.