5 Advantages of Marbre Carrara Stone for Kitchen Worktops

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5 Advantages of Marbre Cararra stone for kitchen worktopsMarble may have incredibly popularity amongst homeowners when it comes to home renovations in both residential and commercial properties, however it comes with a huge price tag attached. Not only is it quite expensive for the initial purchase but it also comes with long term costs for maintenance. When you buy Marble, you have to pay yearly for it to be re-sealed otherwise you are at risk of damaging your kitchen worktop.

The next best thing for homeowners is something that gives off the appearance of Marble without that price tag and other downfalls that it may have too. But what makes Marbre Carrara such a good choice for kitchen worktops in general? You will find out all about the benefits Marbre Carrara has to offer below in our guide to 5 advantages of Marbre Carrara.

Advantages of Marbre Cararra Stone

When you purchase Marbre Cararra stone for your kitchen worktops, you will simply be getting the elegant look of Marble without it costing you a fortune. For those who cannot afford the real deal, they can easily get Quartz stone that replicates the appearance of Marble, giving you a lot of the advantages and none of the negatives.

As Marbre Cararra has been completely man made, it also does not require any long term upkeep or maintenance such as sealant or treatments. What you see is what you get and therefore all you have to do is take care of it daily and it will last you for many years to come. Your Marbre Cararra kitchen worktop will keep hold of all its benefits such as heat resistance, scratch resistance and stain resistance without any need for maintaining the protective layer that gives it all of these features.

Marbre Cararra is almost an all-natural stone despite being man made. The stone has been manufactured with 93% Natural Quartz Stone and 7% Polymer Resins. So, if you are looking for a natural stone without the cost, this is the next best thing!

Quartz also offers a huge range of uses around the home, so you are not restricted to just using it for your kitchen worktops. If you would like to complement your kitchen worktop you can easily use it for bathroom countertops, flooring and so much more.

Lastly, Marbre Cararra is available in two different finishes which offer a completely different look. You can choose matte which appears as a much more natural stone, but it will need more maintenance than our other finish, however it will still not need regular sealing. Our next finish is gloss which offers a beautiful polished surface.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully now that you have read through our brief guide to Marbre Cararra Stone that it has helped you in your decisions for your own kitchen worktop material. A you can see Marbre Cararra comes with a big list of advantages, so many that it was tough to narrow it down into one small list.