5 Benefits of Black Kitchen Countertops

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august_modern-kitchen-dark-countertop_4x3-jpg-rend-hgtvcom-1280-960When it comes about the black kitchen countertop, you may be scared that the room will be considered dark or lifeless. What you have to know is that buying a black countertop for your kitchen will give to your room a bland to bold style.

And it is not the only fact which will make you reconsider your options, because the black kitchen countertops are perfectly fitting with any other color which you would choose for kitchen furniture. If you would like to create some ultra-modern-dramatic look you should definitely choose white cabinets, but if you stand for coloring the space and giving life to it you should choose some bright and shiny colors.

That dramatic look I was telling you about is now easier to get because almost every material for kitchen countertops is available in black. Also, you have to know that you can afford a black kitchen countertop, no matter you budget. The price varies, but the most popular one is the most affordable black countertop.

Well-known Brands of Black Kitchen Countertops:

  • Silestone (in quartz);
  • LG Hausys Viatera (in quartz);
  • Stonemark Granite (in granite);
  • Wilsonart (in laminate);
  • Formica (in laminate);

The Wilsonart is considered to be best-seller of them, because laminate has some several advantages which put it in the front of the tops. It comes in a variety of black shades and also it is resistant by time and easy to clean, but any damage is difficult and even impossible to repair. However, synthetic solid surfaces are more expensive that concrete ones, but more affordable that the natural stone.

Natural Stone Options For Black Kitchen Countertops

The fact is that even the natural stone is the most expensive option for the kitchen countertops, many people prefer the look of it because of its natural and unique patterns and definitely for the lifetime resistance. In terms of natural stone, everybody knows that the granite is the most popular material due to its stunning look and its brave resistance to heat, scratches, stains and mildew.

kitchen-worktopsThe manufactured quartz gives to the kitchen countertops look of the natural stone, such as granite and marble. It is also considered to be a good option because it is very easy to clean and it has more resistance to heat and bacteria. Another advantage of this is the maintenance which is free and doesn’t require sealing or polishing.

Black marble comes to the third place when it comes about natural stone countertops due to it necessity for frequent sealing. Unlike its alternatives, black marble will scratch easily (it has low abrasion resistance).

Granite and the black marble can be used to give some traditional and rustic look to your room, because the dark corner which you would create would make your white to look even wither.

So, if you consider being ready to give your kitchen a little dramatic style, you have to choose a black kitchen countertop which will take you from the traditional and rustic look to a ultra-modern one. After installing the black countertop the switch between the two looks is only made by the color of the furniture you will choose for your space. In fact, what you have to know is that the black countertops match with any color and any style which you would be tent to give to your kitchen.