5 Popular Edges for Kitchen Worktops

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5 Popular Edges for Kitchen Worktops

From simple straight edges to the basins, edge profiles are an important part of kitchen worktops. No matter which stone you choose, these popular edges are great options for every kitchen. Not only they are very functional in preventing the injuries when you accidentally bump into your worktops, but they can also add to the overall appearance of your kitchen.

 1. Volcanic edge

 This edge is deeply rounded at the top and bottom. It is also called Bullnose. This edge profile is perfect for free standing kitchen islands, as it will prevent you from hitting on sharp edges. It is also great for families with small children for the same reason. When it comes to its design, it suits well both traditional and modern style kitchens.

 2. Boulder Edge

 This is one of the most ornate edges and it is also called the Waterfall. That name describes perfectly its shape. It has one basin followed by two bulges which remind of waterfalls. This edge type is most often used for shaker style kitchens. As it is rounded, it will be also a great option for families with children.

 3. Square Edge

 A simple, elegant line, like the square edges gives, is a good choice for minimalistic kitchens. A square edge is perfect if you don’t want to drive too much attention to your countertops, but want to highlight other elements of your kitchen, like the lighting for example. It is simple, yet very effective and elegant. This edge profile may not be the first choice for families with children for obvious reasons.

 4. Piedmont Edge

 This is a combination of Volcanic and square edge. It is rounded at the top, but square at the bottom. This can be a good solution for you if you wanted a square edge but you are worried about bumping into it all the time. Since this one is rounded at the top, it will prevent you from getting scratched on your worktops, while at the same time providing elegance to your kitchen.

 5. Treeline edge

 Treeline edge has an angled top and it is also a great substitute to a square edge. It is often used for minimalistic kitchens because it is subtle but fashionable. This edge type will not draw too much attention to itself and will make room for highlighting and playing with other parts of the kitchen you find the most interesting.

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