5 Popular Marble Colours for Kitchen Worktops

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5-Popular-Marble-Colours-for-Kitchen-WorktopsYou have chosen to go for Marble for your kitchen worktop, making that decision most probably took you some time but be assured that it is not only a beautiful, but smart, decision.

If you choose us to supply you with your Marble kitchen worktop then we will provide you with only the top quality Marble your money can buy and we will customise your worktop to tailor to your needs specifically. Your Marble worktop could be installed in your home within just one week.

Now that you are searching for what colour to choose for your Marble kitchen worktop, you have most probably already done your research and know all the pros and cons of Marble. So, you are ready to get straight into looking at what colours you like, love and hate.
To give you some ideas on colours, here are our top five most popular Marble stone colours.


We offer our customers two different shades of white Marble for kitchen worktops. White is often seen as the most stylish colour to choose and our brightest white shows off the veining perfectly. If you prefer a less harsh shade, we have a slightly less bright shade of white available. White is definitely on trend, so if you are looking to create a beautifully elegant kitchen look, then white should be shortlisted on your list.


For customers who are worried about leaping into getting white, cream is such a great option. Cream is amazing for matching as it goes with almost any other colour. We offer three different shades of cream which are able to give your kitchen to perfect luxury feel.


With black and monochrome being so on-trend at the moment, it is safe to say that black is definitely a popular choice. We offer our customers two different shades of black; one that has white veining and the other has a slightly darker pattern.


Lastly, the colour brown is such a big spectrum on its own that it is definitely our most varied range. Brown can either be earthy or more coffee toned, so the choice is all yours. Our range of brown Marble worktops includes six different shades and patterns. Whether you are looking for a lighter brown or dark, our range has got you covered.


It may seem like a ‘unique’ choice but red can be very popular within home décor. Our range of red Marble worktops includes two different shades and patterns; one is more towards to orange side whereas the other leans more towards being red. While red can be quite a brave colour to go for, it can match well with a range of other shades and colours.

As you can see from the list of options above, you have such a varied choice available to you. When it comes to selecting your perfect colour, make sure that you choose a colour that will last throughout any future redecorations if you feel like a change.