5 Popular Quartz Silestone Colours for Kitchen Worktops

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popular-quartz-silestoneQuartz Silestone is a fantastic choice for your kitchen worktop and it is certainly a durable and cost effective one too. If you don’t have any real clue about the advantages of quartz, here are a few pointers to bear in mind when making your choice:

  • Quartz is non-porous, so it doesn’t harbour germs or liquids as marble or granite does;
  • Quartz is very hard-wearing and stands the test of time;
  • Quartz is heat-resistant;
  • Quartz is stain resistant;
  • Quartz is available in a large range of different colours and patterns;
  • Quartz does not require regular maintenance after the initial installation, other than general cleaning;

As you can see, Silestone quartz is a great choice for possibly the most important part of your kitchen décor and hardware.

Because there are so many different colours and patterns available, it’s important to think it through before jumping in with a decision. If you go for the wrong one, you may find your choice doesn’t really ‘go’ with any changes you make to your kitchen. For that reason, it’s a good idea to go with something neutral, something which does ‘go’ with lots of different patterns and decors, to cut costs in the future. Thankfully, you have lots of choice in front of you.

Silestone quartz are one of the most popular quartz manufacturers around today, and they are constantly rated as one of the best from previous customers. Because of this popularity, their product range has grown extensively, giving you endless choice in terms of colour. If you have no idea where to begin, here are five of the most popular Silestone quartz colours to choose for your new kitchen worktop.

Selano – Part of the popular and stylish Galactic Series, Selano is an off-white shade, not too bright and not too dark, with darker grey flecks across it. Because every single slab is a little individual, you can expect a bespoke pattern to your worktop. Of course, this shade is also very flexible, and can be used as part of a modern décor, or a farmhouse/country style.

Phoenix – This particular colour is part of the Nebula Alpha Series, and is a very flexible one again. This is a beige/cream mix, with slightly lighter flecks across it. It’s not too ‘in your face’ and that is what makes it a very popular choice, going with many other colours too, such as grey, brown, or black.

Pacific – As the name would suggest, this is part of the Ocean Series, and it almost looks like sand with water running over the top of it, almost moving when you look at it. The brown and cream shade has black flecks placed quite heavily over the top of it, and it is extremely flexible in terms of the other colours it goes with.

Eros Stellar – Part of the Stellar Series, this is a slightly more fashionable choice, e.g. something which is bold. This is a maroon red, and it looks great in a retro kitchen, e.g. when paired with black, white, or silver. If you want something truly bold and fashionable, this is for you.

Negro Tao – Finally we have this black and glossy choice, which is part of the Zen Series. Monochrome is an extremely popular choice of style, and there are endless different shades of black within the actual Silestone colour palette. This is quite a dark black, and with its high gloss, it shines in the light.