5 Porcelain Colours for Indoor & Outdoor Work Surfaces

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Porcelain is one of the materials that are good wherever you use it- either outside or indoor. It is UV resistant and will not fade when exposed to constant sun rays. Also, it has a completely waterproof surface which prevents liquids from staining. It is resistant to high temperatures, and will not melt or break when exposed to them. Some of the most classic and beautiful colour can be found in porcelain’s range, and here are the five of them.

Danae is warm-toned beige with very fine brown dots scattered on its surface. A monochromatic combination will give excellent results for small kitchens, as it will make it look more spacious.

If you are looking just to replace the work surfaces, colour like Zenith will easily match with any other colour. It is a very light toned grey that is combined well with both light and dark toned cabinets.

Kadium is a very unique brown colour that has a red undertone. It is best combined with lightly toned wood cabinets, like bamboo wood. This rusty colour will be excellent for traditional style kitchens, like shaker ones.

Sirius is a very dark black that has a barely visible pattern. Although the pattern is not that visible, it adds a special something to this colour. This colour is an excellent choice for minimalists; it is a great option for contemporary style kitchens and bathrooms.

This is a mid-toned grey, one of the most classic choices that will never of out of fashion. By choosing it, you will never have to think about what’s in, because this is a timeless option. The combinations with this colour are countless and you can create interesting compositions mixing and matching it with a few colours.

Porcelain work surfaces are a great alternative to more expensive stones, such as marble, granite and quartz. In its range, you can find some of the most classic colour choices that will never go out of fashion. These colours are a timeless option and you will not have to worry about the replacement for many years to come. It is one of the rare materials that performs the same indoor and outdoor, as it is UV resistant. This means that you will not have to worry about fading of the colour.

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