5 Pros & Cons for Kitchen Island Quartz Waterfall

Waterfall kitchen islands are a piece of art. The term waterfall kitchen island refers to the technique where the worktop material is carried over to the sides of the cabinets. Quartz in particular is a great material for waterfall islands because it is resistant to staining and durable. It is also a great option because the pattern can be carried over to the sides seamlessly, which creates a beautiful picture. So, continue reading and find out the pros and cons of having quartz for a waterfall kitchen island.

 1. They are unique and beautiful

Waterfall kitchen island will be an eye-catching feature in your kitchen. It will make your kitchen luxurious and different from the others. Your kitchens island will stand out even more and will be the centrepiece of the whole room. If you choose veined quartz, the pattern will carry onto the side slabs, which will create an even more stunning look.

 2. The installation costs more

  The downside of quartz waterfall is that it cost more, because, laying it vertically needs extra support to stay in place. It also requires a skilled craftsman who knows how to fit the top and side slabs perfectly. Get now a free online quote from InovaStone.

 3. Durability

The sides of kitchen islands tend to wear off the quickest because they are exposed the most, especially on the edges. Since stones are more durable than wood, having vertical slabs on the sides of your kitchen island will prevent your cabinets from damage. As quartz is very durable, your sides will last you longer than if you were just to leave the wood.

 4. Low maintenance

Quartz is very low maintenance and easy to clean. It doesn’t need sealing, unlike many other materials. The cleaning is handled with only soap and water. Just mix the two together and wipe your slabs with a soft cloth. Remove the residue with a clean, damped cloth. You can also use the glass cleaner and make the cleaning even more effortless.

 5. Less seating area

 The other downside of waterfall kitchen island is that you will not have seating on the sides. The whole point of waterfall kitchens is that the kitchen countertops are overflowing to the sides like the waterfall, so it is not possible to sit on the sides. However, if your kitchen island is long enough, chances are you don’t need seating on the sides.

 Waterfall kitchen island can be that one element that will stand your kitchen out from the rest. Having a quartz waterfall will not only make your kitchen beautiful but more functional. It will prevent your cabinets from getting damaged quickly and it will be easy to maintain.

 Having more questions about the kitchen island quartz waterfall? Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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