5 Quartz Marble Effect Alternatives to Marble Stone

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Marble StoneAre you keen to grab the beautiful effects of marble, but you’re not too keen on the extra maintenance required when you choose a work top made of the original stone? Many people feel the same way, and whilst marble isn’t that difficult to look after, it is possible to get a stronger stone by way of choosing quartz, and then opting for a marble effect colour.

The best of both worlds!

Many people choose this option, and it means that you’re getting the appearance you have drooled over for so long, but you’re getting a zero maintenance, strong, option.

Just to sum it up, the major advantages of marble include:

  • Very strong – You are usually getting around 93% natural quartz content, with 7% added in for resin (the colour you choose)
  • Highly scratch, stain, and heat resistant
  • Widely available in a huge variety of different colours, patterns, and finishes
  • Zero maintenance – Unlike granite and marble, quartz doesn’t require any form of maintenance other than regular cleaning, which you would do anyway. No need for sealing on an annual basis

So, by now you are probably cemented on your decision to go with quartz, but if you’re still looking for the marble effect opulence, here are five of the most popular, and most beautiful, marble effect colours.

Dark Grey Galaxy Quartz – A very sophisticated choice, the finish looks like you could stroke it! This particular countertop is likely to be a centrepoint in your kitchen, so you need to pair it with cabinets which are lighter. The actual colour is a dark grey, with a light grey swirling marble pattern on top.

Cream Storm Galaxy Quartz – This particular option is exactly the same as the first option in our list, but it is lighter, with a cream base colour and dark beige swirls. A darker décor would look fantastic with this particular colour, or you could go for an overall cream effect for your entire décor.

Bianco Thassos – White can be worrying for some people, but white marble is one of the most classic and iconic appearances you can expect to see. You can gain that particular appearance by choosing this shade, which is a slightly darker shade of white, to allay your ‘too bright’ worries.

Marrone Oro – For a jewel/marble effect, check out this particular dark green and gold combination of marble imitation. The gold swirl/marbling is what makes this particular option stand out amongst the others on the market. Again, combined with cream you have a beautiful décor.

Bianco Carrara – White marble again! This is one of the brightest shades of white you can go for, but the dark grey marble lines tone it down slightly, making it more accessible for all.

These are five of the most popular marble effect choices of colour when it comes to quartz. As you can see, combining the strength of quartz with the appearance of marble is a great source of middle ground, and gives you a longer lasting work surface as a result.

Remember to shop around and check out your choice of colour in person, without solely relying on an Internet picture – certain colours do change when subjected to natural and artificial lights, and both sides need to be acceptable to you and your kitchen appearance.