5 Quartz Marble Effect Colours For Kitchen Countertops

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Kitchen CountertopsIf you’ve done any research into kitchen countertops, you will know that there are several choices in terms of material, but that most people tend to go down the natural stone route. Of course, there are sub-choices to make within that particular niche too, namely granite, quartz, and marble.

Each of these have pros and cons, and it’s possible that you’re stuck between two of them. If you’re not sure whether to go for quartz or marble, the good news is that you can get the hard-wearing advantages of quartz, and the low maintenance, combined with the beauty and opulence of marble.

Yes, it’s possible! Marble is a little harder to look after than quartz, so this makes the ideal mixture.

Quartz is available in marble effect shades, and there are plenty of them to choose from. Check out these five beautiful quartz marble effect colours, ideal for your new kitchen countertop.

Dark Grey Galaxy Quartz

The appearance of this particular colour looks almost like velvet, it’s that sophisticated and beautiful! This is an ideal choice for those who have lighter coloured cabinets and flooring, and will give a very modern and sleek look to a kitchen space. The overall base colour is a very dark grey, almost black, but the swirl pattern on the top is a lighter shade of grey.

Cream Storm Galaxy Quartz

This particular shade looks like thick ice cream swirled with honey! The base colour is a light cream but the marbling effect on top is a darker beige shade, almost in swirls and circular patterns. You could pair this shade with countless others to create a fantastic appearance for any sized kitchen, but it will certainly reflect the light in a smaller kitchen, to create the illusion of more space.

Bianco Thassos

If you’re not happy about going for white, because of the large amount of upkeep, how about going for a beige? This light shade of beige has a darker marble effect running through it, and is a simple yet very effective design to go for. Again, this type of colour goes with many others, so it will be easy to redecorate around.

Marrone Oro

Marble effect doesn’t have to be black or white, it can be any colour you like! This dark green and gold effect is ideal for a kitchen which is requires something a little different, and the gold shade of marbling certainly looks very sophisticated.

Bianco Carrara

Obviously, white marble is the iconic shade to go for, but we know that every slab of marble is unique, and this quartz slab actually mirrors that fact very well! The base white is bright, but the darker grey marble lines running across it look ultra-real.

As you can see, there is a lot of choice when it comes to going with quartz with a marble effect, yet you also get the big advantages of this strong stone too. Quartz is the only one of the natural stones which doesn’t require maintenance after it has been installed, and is very easy to clean also. You will also benefit from high heat resistance and high scratch resistance, as well as being very easy to find on the market. This means you can shop around for the best deals and save some cash along the way!