5 Silestone Colours to Look for in 2020

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5 Silestone Colours to Look for in 2020

 Silestone is one of the most renowned brands for quartz worktops with decades of long background in this industry. For years it has become the synonym for quality and it is the first choice of many homeowners looking to invest in new kitchen or bathroom. Its range is full of classic neutral colours that will pair well with any colour of the cabinets. You will have the ability to choose from completely solid colours to the patterned ones. Here are our top 5 picks from Silestone’s range to look for in 2020. Browse also our full stone collection.

 1. Bianco Calacatta

 This colour has a pure white background with very thick grey veining. The veining draws a unique picture on the background and it is always unrepeatable. This colour is a classic choice you can’t go wrong with and it is always in fashion. It will pair well with both contemporary and traditional style kitchens.

 2. Iron Bark

 Iron bark is dark, rusty brown with a subtle pattern to it. The combinations with beige cabinets will give stunning results. This colour is a better option for traditional style kitchens, because of its rusty tone. Pairing it with lighter-toned wooden cabinets will give a nice contrast to them.

 3. Eternal Serena

 This is a perfect choice if you are not a fan of bold patterns but also don’t want a solid colour. Eternal Serena has a very light background with very subtle, elegant white veining. The combinations with white cabinets will make a timeless piece of luxury.

 4. Blanco Capri

 If you want a colour without any details, that is completely solid, look for Blanco Capri. It is light beige with a yellow undertone that will be an excellent choice for monochromatic kitchens. A colour like this is also a good choice for small-sized kitchens because it will make them look bigger.

 5. Alpina White

 Another light grey colour, but with a completely different pattern. Alpine white has tiny black and white rocks that are scattered all over the background. This colour is a great option if you just need to replace the countertops, but not the cabinets, because it matches with any other colour.

 No matter which colour you choose, Silestone is a great option for both kitchen and bathroom worktops. This brand is one of the pioneers in the production of quartz slabs and it is now the synonym for the highest standards. Even after many decades, it is still the first choice of many homeowners looking to invest in a new kitchen or bathroom.

 Have you already chosen your Silestone colour? If the answer is yes, contact us and we will supply, template and fit it in just one week!