5 Things You Should Know About Classic Quartz Stone

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classic-quartz-stone-worktopsClassic Quartz Stone is one of the most important companies in manufacturing high quality engineered worktops. Located in Reading, Unit 7, Nimrod Industrial Estate, Nimrod Way, this top company produces one of the best countertops available on the market.

Composition of Classic Quartz Stone Products

The quality that resides in their products is granted due to the use of at least 93% pure quartz in their worktops composition, the rest being filled with recycled glass, stone, sand and aggregates. Also, using quartz as the main ingredient, they confer high durability to their tops and a wide range of style and colors to choose from.

Here at Classic Quartz Stone, all of our products are upgraded with these 3 superpowers:

  • Maintenance Free;
  • Multiple Applications;
  • Environmentally Friendly;

Combining quartz with other binding components has always been a great solution for designing a countertop. The product resulted is a non-porous material, therefore it will be heat and scratch resistant. More, thanks to its strong texture and strong atom bounds, liquid spills like oil, juice, vinegar or wine, cannot penetrate into the compound, making him stain resistant.

Maintenance Time Invested

classic-quartz-stoneConsidering these qualities, the time required to clean ad sterilize your whole kitchen is very short. You just need to take a clean towel and some cleaning solutions, wipe out the eventual stains on the surface of your countertop, and that’s it. We can almost say that our worktops are Maintenance Free.

Being a man-made material, the shapes, styles and colors available to be purchased are almost endless. From shining white to veining black, every customer desire can be accomplished. It is the perfect alternative for natural stone in new constructions, home, businesses and remodeling projects.

The products that can be shaped in the following formats:

  • Tiles;
  • Kitchen worktops;
  • Bathroom countertops;
  • Fireplaces;
  • Wet room walls;

Achieving a wide variety of colors is not an easy task. For this, Classic Quartz Stone uses 7% Polymer Resins, combined with Mirror Chips, Pigments, Christobalite, Granite and Glass Chips. The worktops surfaces are available in 2 formats: matte and glossy.

Shapes, Styles and Colors for Classic Quartz Stone Countertops

The matte one provides a natural stone feel, but is requiring more time to be invested in cleaning the top, while the glossy polished surface gives to your kitchen a modern look and requires less time for maintenance, even though sealants may be required after a while.

The sizes provided for slabs are 3200 mm X 1600 mm or 3000 mm X 1400 mm. These standard sizes are just perfect for small house kitchens. But if you have other dimensions don’t panic. Due to the excellent management of this company, custom stabs can be provided in order to fulfill each client desire. Regarding the thickness, the sizes are fixed. You have to choose between 12 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm and 30 mm.

Summing all these facts, Classic Quartz Stone provides a 10 year warranty from the date of purchasing the top by the original owner. The warranty can be applied to every manufacturing defect that has been spotted or created, and the whole repair taxes will be supported by the firm.