5 Tips for Choosing Bathroom Countertops

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Bathroom CountertopsMixing up your bathroom décor is a difficult task, if you don’t know where to start. Are you changing everything completely? Are you renovating? Or, are you simply decorating to give a new appearance?

Whatever your choice, you will probably be looking towards a new bathroom countertop in addition to everything else. This is where you need to tread carefully, because if you make the wrong decision, you’re stuck with it, and the only way to change it all, is to replace the worktop – this is costly and time consuming.

To help guide the way and make everything much easier, here are five tips for choosing your new bathroom countertop.

What material are you going to go for?

You have many options in front of you here, but you could go for one of the natural stone choices, to give you the most long-lasting and strong countertop. There is obviously going to be a lot of water around, this being a bathroom, so wood or laminate might not be the best option; natural stone on the other hand, is a good choice. From this you can opt for either marble, granite, or quartz. Granite and marble are non-porous, so any water will be absorbed by the stone, and this means you need to seal the surface at least yearly. On the other hand, quartz is non-porous, and therefore water will remain on top of the stone, but you don’t need to do any sealing here at all.

What colour are you going to go for?

Aside from the material, you need to think about colour, because this is going to make or break your bathroom appearance. Try and avoid ‘fad’ colours, i.e. those which are a little ‘out there’, and bang on trend, but those which don’t really go with many other colours. If you stick to something natural and neutral, you can decorate around it. Granite has very earthy, natural elements in general, so you certainly won’t struggle to find a colour scheme which fits your needs.

Remember to check out colours in the showroom

All colours look different in certain lights, e.g. natural light and artificial light. You need to see how your particular shortlist of colours reacts and behaves in certain lights, so head to the showroom and look at them in person, rather than relying on an Internet picture.

Shop around for the best deals

You might be able to save some cash if you shop around carefully, and if you check out sales at certain times, e.g. Black Friday or New Year. Any cash saved is a bonus, so always look into this and don’t jump for the first price you see.

Think about longevity

We touched upon this earlier, but it is certainly worth thinking about what you might be doing with your bathroom in the future. For instance, are you going to renovate at any point? Are you simply going to be changing the colour scheme occasionally? For that reason, sticking to those neutral shades, e.g. a cream, brown, grey, black, or white, is the best option, so you can decorate around it with ease, and allow it to fit into any choice you make.

These five tips will help you select the right granite countertop for your sparkling, new bathroom!