6 Advantages of Natural Stone Bathroom Worktops

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Changing your stone bathroom worktops requires thought and effort if you want to get it right from the get-go. If you make a wrong choice, you’re going to waste cash and time, which are two things you shouldn’t be messing around with!

Bathroom worktops needs to be sbathroom-worktopstrong, cost effective, and they also need to be attractive, in order to provide the ideal room to relax in at the end of a long day. Who doesn’t love a soak in the bath after a strenuous day at work?

Of course, every bathroom needs worktops, and that means you need to think about not only the colour scheme you’re going to go for, but also the type of material which makes up your worktops too.

What are your choices when it comes to natural stone?

  • Marble;
  • Quartz;
  • Granite;

Each of these has their own personal list of pros and cons, but aside from quartz, which tends to have more advantages of the others overall, natural stone as a group is majorly advantageous.

Here are six advantages of choosing natural stone for your new bathroom worktop.

  • Widely available – Natural stone is naturally occurring in the earth, as the name would suggest, and this means it is not going to run out any time soon. For this reason, there is competition between suppliers, giving you more choice as a result.
  • Cost effective – This is partly because it is so widely available, but competition means better prices for you. You should certainly shop around to find the best deal for you, in order to pinpoint any savings you can make. If you shop around at traditional sale times also, such as New Year, you may find even bigger savings.
  • Large range of colours and finishes available – There are countless colours, and within each colour there are several different shades; for example, black is not just black! There are light blacks, mid blacks, dark blacks, and the same goes for green, grey, brown etc. This means you can choose a colour which suits you, giving you a bespoke appearance to your bathroom. It’s a good idea to check out colours in a showroom, as well as on the internet or in catalogues, because artificial light and natural light can dramatically change the appearance of a particular colour.
  • Big named brand come with warranties – If you go for a big named brand, such as Silestone for example, you will have a long warranty along with it, giving you peace of mind that should something happen to your worktop, you can get it replaced or fixed, without extra cost to you.
  • Long lasting and strong – Natural stone is strong, and whilst granite and quartz are a little stronger than marble, all three offer a great long-lasting surface for you to invest in. For this reason, you can be sure that when you buy a bathroom worktop in natural stone, you’re not going to have to replace it any time soon.
  • Low maintenance – Whilst marble and granite are a little higher in maintenance than quartz, all three are quite low on the whole. Quartz does not require sealing or any maintenance after it is initially installed, however granite and marble will require sealing annually – this is no big deal however.

As you can see, natural stone is a fantastic choice for your new bathroom worktop.