6 Beautiful Caesarstone Colours for Kitchen Islands

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6 Beautiful Caesarstone Colours for Kitchen Islands

Caesarstone is one of the pioneers in the industry of quartz slab production. This brand has over 30 years long background in this industry and it has since become the synonym for quality. It is made of 93% natural quartz and 7% resins. This blend ensures that you are getting the best of both worlds- natural quartz for durability and resins for the waterproof quality.

 Caesarstone has a beautiful colour range that consists of some of the most beautiful neutral colours. You will find veined and granulated style, but also completely solid colours. Its range is very wide and there is something for everyone. Here are our 6 picks that will be an excellent choice for kitchen worktops and islands.

 1.  Vanilla Noir

 Vanilla Noir has a black background and thin white veining. It is a beautiful elegant colour that will pair nicely with any colour of the cabinets you have. You can make interesting compositions by combining them with white countertops for the other cabinets.

 2. Tuscan Dawn

 Tuscan Dawn is a mid-toned brown with thin white veining. It will be an excellent choice for monochromatic kitchens in combination with tone lighter cabinets. It is also an excellent choice if you were just looking to replace the worktops because it is easy to combine with.

 3. Empiria White

 White is a timeless colour choice for any kitchen and this one is special. It has thin dark grey veining that draws a unique picture on the canvas. That picture is different for every slab and it is always unique.

 4. Rugged Concrete

 Rugged Concrete is an excellent option for a contemporary style kitchen. If you want to get that trending post-industrial effect, this is the perfect colour for it. Its name speaks for itself and it is the best description of this colour.

 5. Topus Concrete

 This pale rose colour will be perfect for smaller sized kitchen islands because it will make them look bigger. It has a very subtle pattern that makes it a tad more interesting. This is the perfect colour for the ones that don’t like pronounced patterns but don’t want a solid colour either.

 6. Turbine Grey

 Turbine Grey is a unique grey colour with a rose undertone. It also has a unique pattern, which can look like too much if it is the only style for the whole kitchen, but it is perfect for an accent on the kitchen island.

 These are just some of the colours that will be great options for kitchen islands. No matter what colour you choose, Caesarstone quartz is for good reasons one of the most popular quartz brands in the world. It is durable, stain-resistant and easy to maintain.

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