6 Granite Stone Colours For Small Kitchens

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Granite StoneIf you have a small kitchen then you might be wanting to create an illusion of space, to try and make it your room look bigger than it really is. This is entirely possible with a little careful thinking, and you simply need to know the tricks of the trade.

When you are choosing a new kitchen countertop, you might be thinking about the material to go for. If you go down the natural stone route, then you have marble, granite, and quartz to choose from, and these are all fantastic options in their own right. On the other hand however, granite stone certainly has many advantages which you can reap to your kitchen:

  • Granite is hard-wearing and durable;
  • Granite is available in countless colours and finishes;
  • Granite will last for a long time;
  • Granite looks natural and classy, because it is a natural stone;
  • Granite is highly heat resistant.

As you can see, all of these advantages make granite the ideal choice for a kitchen countertop.

Now, if you have a small kitchen then there are ways to make your space look larger by picking the colour of your granite kitchen countertop very carefully. Here are a few colour suggestions to go for.

  1. White – White granite reflects the light, especially if you have plenty of natural light coming into the space from a window, and that will give you the illusion of a larger room, which is fresh and open. White is also a very clean and natural colour, which goes with many other shades too; you could redecorate several times around a white granite work surface, without having to replace it.
  1. Cream – If you’re a little worried about white, then cream is a great alternative, and one which still has the same light reflecting, room enlarging properties! Pick a cream with a darker fleck in it if you want to add in a little character.Granite Stone 1
  1. Light brown – Don’t go too dark here, because a dark colour is going to pull the walls in and create the illusion of less space; that’s not something you want to be doing when you already have a small kitchen! Light brown shades, such as a creamy light coffee colour, perhaps a latte, looks fantastic when you mix and match it with another light shade, such as cream or white.
  1. Blue/Green – Light aquatic colours look amazing in small kitchens, because again, you have that light reflecting property you need, and you also have a calming effect from these types of colours too. Duck egg blues are fantastic in a country kitchen kind of theme, or a traditional kitchen décor.
  1. Light grey – Now, you might be thinking that grey is just going to darken a room down, but that’s not the case if you think carefully and you don’t go too dark. A very light grey, perhaps with a cream or white fleck in the granite, looks stylish, whilst pulling the walls in too much, provided you pair it with another lighter colour too.
  1. Beige – Finally we have the middle ground shade of beige, which has the major advantage of going with everything, whilst also not being too light or too dark in either direction.

Take your pick from these six colour ideas, all of which will make your small kitchen look much bigger than it really is in reality!