6 Things You Should Know Before Installing a Granite Worktop

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Granite WorktopGranite worktops have been popular for many years, and they look set to continue in that vein for many more years to come. This is no surprise when you think about how strong and beautiful this natural stone is.

If you’re thinking about installing a granite worktop then you need to know a few key facts before you jump on in there. You might be torn between granite and the two other natural stone choices, namely quartz and marble.

To help in your decision, here are six things you should know before installing a granite worktop.

Granite is a very strong natural stone

Out of all the natural stones you can choose from for your worktop, granite is the strongest by far. This stone is going to take some serious impact before any damage occurs, and that means it will last for much longer as a result.

Granite is a porous stone

This means that liquids, such as water, will be absorbed into the stone, so it’s important to clean up any spillages as they happen, to avoid any damage occurring over time. Obviously, there is not going to be damage in the short-term, but some maintenance will need to be done to ensure that in the long-term your worktop lasts. We’ll discuss maintenance in a little more detail shortly.

You should avoid harsh chemicals and abrasive pads when cleaning your granite worktop

All you need to clean your granite worktop is warm, soapy water and two soft cloths – one for cleaning and one for buffing. Avoid anything which contains bleach or ammonia, and never use scouring pads. Yes, granite is very strong and scratch resistant to a large degree, but nothing is 100% in that regard, and you don’t want to cause undue damage.

Granite is available in countless colours and patterns

The colour palette for granite tends to be quite natural and earthy, which makes it an ideal choice for both traditional and contemporary kitchen decors. There is a huge amount of choice here, so shopping around and choosing carefully is key. It’s always a good idea to check out colours in person, rather than relying on online pictures, as they do have a habit of looking slightly different in real life, and react differently to different types of light.

Granite will need sealing annually

We mentioned that granite is a porous stone and for that reason you will need to seal your worktop annually. This is not a difficult process, and one which can be done very quickly. Basically, by sealing your worktop annually you are stopping any long-term damage from occurring.

Granite very cost effective

If you look after your worktop then it is going to last you for years, and if you shop around, you will be able to find a good quality and lengthy warranty package too. This gives you peace of mind and means that you won’t need to replace your worktop ahead of time. It’s also a good idea to make sure you choose a neutral colour too, because then you can be sure that your worktop will survive several redecorations, without needing to be replaced because it doesn’t match what you’re trying to achieve. For that reason, neutral is always best.