7 Advantages of White Granite Countertops

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If you’re looking for a countertop that is going to give you strength and durability, you can’t go wrong with granite. This is the strongest of the natural stones on the market, and one which is going to last you for many years to come. Shop around to find a fantastic deal and you’ll also benefit from a warranty, giving you extra peace of mind.

When you are investing in something so expensive and such a large part of your kitchen space, it’s important to check out your options in detail before you make any firm decisions. Of course, within the granite decision umbrella, you also need to know what colour to go for, what finish, and what type of pattern. The options are quite wide-reaching, but one option which is very popular, is white granite.

Before you cover your eyes in horror, white is not a terrible colour to go for, and it’s not ultra-high maintenance either! Yes, you will need to clean regularly to keep it looking great, but you’d have to clean anyway, so you have no excuse there!

To convince you further, let’s check out seven advantages of white granite countertops.

White granite countertops look ultra-stylish

What more stylish colour is there than white? You don’t have to go for bright white if you want to dull it down a little, as there are countless different shades of white within that group, so you can find something to suit your needs. There are also many different patterns available, so you could even find a white granite slab which mimics the opulence of white marble, without the higher maintenance and higher price tag.

White granite countertops are flexible in terms of what they ‘go’ with

White goes with most other colours, so you will be able to redecorate around your countertop a few times before you decide to replace it. Whether you want a contemporary style or something more traditional, white is a great choice, and it also helps reflect the light and make your room look bigger too – ideal for small kitchens.

White granite countertops are low maintenance

Granite needs to be sealed yearly, because it is a porous stone, but aside from cleaning regularly, that is the only maintenance it will need. Buff your surface after you clean it to keep it looking shiny and new, but no other maintenance will need to take place.

White granite countertops are easy to clean

Provided you avoid anything harsh, e.g. bleach or ammonia, and you don’t go down the route of abrasive cleaning cloths, you will find cleaning your white granite countertop very easy indeed. All you need is warm, soapy water and a soft cloth – nothing else required!

White granite countertops are strong and durable

We mentioned that granite is the strongest stone available, so that means you are going to have a long-lasting countertop for many years to come, and one which will stand up to a lot of pressure before any sign of damage occurs.

White granite countertops are highly scratch and heat resistant

Nothing is 100% scratch or heat resistant, but granite is very highly heat resistant and very highly scratch resistant. This means you don’t have to be too careful, although using heat pads and cutting boards is a good idea.

White granite countertops are widely available

You really won’t struggle to find white granite anywhere, so you can shop around for great deals!