8 Blue Granite Colours for Bespoke Worktops

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8 Blue Granite Colours for Bespoke Worktops

Granite is still one of the most popular materials for kitchen and bathroom worktops. Granite has many great characteristics which make it a great candidate for new worktops. Some of them are that granite is very durable, resistant to scratching and can resist high temperatures.

Granite also comes in a variety of colours and one of the most interesting to many costumers is blue. Granite also has versatile patterns, so even choosing worktops in one colour family can be intimidating. Here, we have narrowed our choice to 8 blue granite colours that would be great candidates for bespoke worktops.

1. Vizag

Vizag is a dark blue with a grey undertone. It has an interesting pattern that looks like brush strokes. This colour is perfect for contemporary style kitchens because it has just a few details.

2. Luise

This colour is a unique mix of blue, orange and red that blend perfectly into each other. This colour is perfect as the centrepiece in your kitchen. It is best to use it on smaller areas combined with a more neutral colour so it doesn’t look like too much.

3. Labradorite

This is a mid-toned blue colour with high shine. It has grey hues embedded through the background. It is best to combine this colour with lighter-toned cabinets.

4. Galactica

Galactica has a black background with blue rocks scattered all over the surface. These blue jewels make this colour even more interesting and flattering. It will be best in combination with wooden cabinets. 

5. Fusion

Fusion is a mix of blue, yellow, white and grey hues blending perfectly into each other. The pattern is very interesting and it looks like the sea waves. This colour is the lightest out of the all already mentioned and it will be a good choice for ones that like light blue colours.

6. Bross

Bross is a very deep blue and it looks like the sea before the storm. It has interesting white splashes throughout it. This is another colour that will be a good choice for contemporary style kitchens.

7. Blue Eyes

Blue eyes has a grey background with tiny blue rocks scattered all over the surface. This is a perfect way to add subtle details to your worktops without going overboard.

8. Pearl Extra

This colour is a mix of lighter and darker toned blue that create an interesting pattern that looks like pearls. Since it is so rich in details, it will be a great choice for traditional style kitchens.

No matter which blue granite you chose, this material is a great option for bespoke kitchens, but bathrooms as well. It is reliable, very durable and resistant to scratching. It has a versatile colour palette with interesting patterns.

Need more help in choosing the best colour for your bespoke granite worktops? Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.