8 Lunastone Quartz Colours for Worktops & Countertops

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8 Lunastone Quartz Colours for Worktops & Countertops

Lunastone is one of the most reliable quartz brands in whose range you will be able to find some of the most beautiful colours. Lunastone quartz worktops are suitable for both bathroom and kitchen worktops since they are waterproof and stain-resistant. Not only that Lunastone can be used for worktops and countertops, but also flooring and wall cladding. If you are having problems finding your perfect colour in its range, here are some recommendations that will be excellent choices for both kitchen and bathroom worktops.

 1. Marmo Grigio

 This is a mid-tone grey with granulation. It has tiny black dots that are scattered all over the background. This colour is a very safe choice because it will pair nicely with any colour of the cabinets.

 2. Bianco Cararra

 Bianco Cararra has a pure white background with a very subtle dimmed pattern. Its veining is very elegant and it will never look like too much. Although it has a very bright white background, you will not have to worry about staining, since this material is highly resistant to it.

 3. Rossi Luminoso

 If you have been looking for a bit more unusual colour choice, Rossi Luminoso can be the one for you. This is a blood-red colour on which large stone parts are scattered.

 4. Botticino

 Botticino is a mid-toned beige with a very subtle white veining. This is a perfect choice for monochromatic kitchens or bathrooms, paired with light wood cabinets.

 5. Nocturno

 Black starlight quartz like this one is always in fashion. It has tiny white dots that look like the stars on the night sky. This colour is perfect for big sized kitchens because it will make them look less spacious then they are.

 6. Crema Luminoso

 Crema Luminoso is beige with a yellow undertone. It has large rocks sprinkled on the surface. This is an excellent choice for traditional style kitchens, paired with darker wooden cabinets.

 7. Grigio Metallo

 Grigio Metallo has large white rocks on the mid-toned grey surface. This is a perfect colour to use as an accent; for example, you can use this colour for the kitchen island and another grey with fewer details on the rest of the cabinets.

 8. Brunastro

 Brunastro is a very unique colour- it is a dark brown with a purple undertone. It has a very subtle granulation that is almost unnoticeable when you are looking from up far. This is a perfect choice if you don’t want a completely solid colour, but don’t like too many details either.

 No matter which colour you choose, Lunastone quartz will be a great addition to your kitchen or bathroom. You will have no problems finding a perfect colour in its range since it has a very wide one.

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