8 Most Popular Granite Colours For Kitchen Worktops

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Marble Kitchen WorktopsGranite is a very popular choice when it comes to kitchen worktops, and when you think about the advantages of this very strong natural stone, it’s no wonder! Granite worktops are built to last, and they certainly tick that box.

Granite is highly scratch resistant, highly heat resistant, readily available, and very strong and durable. For these reasons alone, many people opt for granite, but the overwhelming choice of colours can make your final decision difficult. If you’re wondering which shade to go for, check out these eight colours, some of the most popular on the market at the moment.

  1. Andromeda White – This is a fantastic choice for anyone who wants to go for white, but doesn’t want the starkness of a plain shade. The base colour is a bright white type, but the lines and veins over the top are in a light grey and almost purple, making this the ideal choice to mix with white, black, grey, or even purple decors.
  1. Angola Black – Again, if you don’t want to choose a plain shade, but you want to go for black, this is a good option. The base black isn’t jet black, but the veins over the top are dark black, grey, and white in speckled patterns.
  1. African Red – For something a little different this is the ideal choice. The base is a terracotta red shade, but the pattern over the top is a grey, black and white speckle pattern. This is a good option for those who want to go a little retro in their kitchen style, as black and red are a fantastic choice, or even black and grey.
  1. Baltic Green – This granite shade is a mixture of black and green, with large circular blotches over the top, almost in a flower pattern. You could pair this worktop with black, green, cream, or white, for a very attractive finish.
  1. Colonel Gold – If you are wanting something opulent and creamy, this is the ideal option to go for. The base is a cream and white mixture, but the markings over the top are almost like molten gold! A mixture of gold, brown, and beige, the swirls are unsymmetrical and look fantastic when paired with cream, brown, beige, or white.
  1. Ivory Chiffon – If you want to be reminded of the beach, go for granite shade. A cream and beige mix, the markings over the top look like sand, with slightly glittered speckles here and there. Again, mix it with cream or white for a beautiful décor.
  1. Juperana Bordeaux – This colour is a popular one, and one which has serious personality to it. The base colour is an orange, brown, and beige mixture, and the markings almost look like those seen on a tiger! The black and grey veins are in lines and flecks.
  1. Verde Bamboo – For kitchens which are completely natural, this is a great option to go for. The colour scheme is green and beige, and certainly looks like bamboo, as the name would suggest. Pair with cream, beige, black, or grey for a wonderful finish.

Remember to check out your preferred shade in person, before jumping in with a purchase, just to make sure that it reacts to the light in your kitchen in the best way possible.