8 Tips and Tricks to Choose the Right Stone Worktops

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8 Tips and Tricks to Choose the Right Stone WorktopsWhen it comes to home renovations and selecting which stone you wish to use for your worktops, whether they are going to be in the bathroom or kitchen, it can be a difficult decision to make. Every stone on the market have so many pros and reasons why you should be buying but they also come with their faults too. This overview will hopefully help you to decide which stone is the one for you.

Consider Your Budget

The decider for most homeowners is their budget, it dictates and narrows down your search very quickly. Not everyone can afford the price of Marble but almost everyone who is renovating their home and choosing out a new worktop can afford Granite and Quartz, as they are two of the most affordable stones out there at the moment. Not to be forgotten though is Porcelain, it does not cost a huge amount, so it could be within your price range too.

Colours & Patterns

Another good decider is the range of colours and patterns that are available in each stone. While generally you will be able to choose from a good range of colours, the patterns may not be what you were hoping for. The best range out there for colours is Quartz by far so this may be a good starting point.


Before you go ahead and decide on which stone you are having for your worktop, you need to consider how and who is going to be using it. Is that area a high traffic zone? Do you have small children or likely to within a few years? Generally, most homes will be after a material that is highly durable and will not be able to stain or scratch easily, the best stones for this is once again Granite and Quartz as they are both scratch and stain resistant due to being non-porous materials.

The Reason for Renovating

Just because you are renovating your home it doesn’t mean that you are going to be staying living there afterwards, you may wish to renovate to sell on straight away. If you are renovating to sell, then obviously you are going to be wanting to make good style choices but for stones that are cheaper. However, if you are going to be staying living in the property for the foreseeable future then you most probably have some room for negotiations as to how much you spend and are happy to spend.

Your Style

You are no doubt going to be wanting to put your own spin on your home so when you are choosing which stone to have for your worktop, you need to it to fit in with your own individual style and personality. Each stone offers a very different appearance, so it is important to consider all of your options.

Quartz and Granite are both very similar, Quartz just generally happens to have more of a choice than most. Marble offers a stunning elegance that cannot be beaten but this all comes down to your budget.


When it comes to worktops, whether they are in the bathroom or kitchen, you need them to be non-porous materials to be cleaner. Whether you purchase Granite, Quartz or Marble, they will be good for cleaning, but one comes with a hefty long-term price tag attached to maintain.

Both Granite and Quart are non-porous and therefore will never hold onto any bacteria or spills, but Marble is a soft stone and will absorb anything that has been spilt and it will also require regular sealing so that you do not damage your worktop.

Consider the Pros & Cons of Each Stone

Every stone will offer very different ranges of colours and patterns and will come with their own set of pros and cons. So, it is important to consider each of them and which one ticks off the most for you, especially your budget!

Quartz – cheapest per square foot, huge range of colours/patterns available, non-porous, scratch, heat and stain resistant

Granite – affordable, good range of colours/patterns, non-porous, scratch, heat and stain resistant

Marble – unique & non-uniformed appearance, adds value to your home

Ceramic – big range of colours, very different to Quartz and Granite

They are all brilliant contenders, for all different reasons. Marble may be beautiful, but it is expensive long-term and can crack as well as damage with certain cleaning products and acidic products. Quartz and Granite however are the total opposite and offer a lot to every homeowner, but Quartz wins out on the range of colours available.

But if you are looking for something completely different, then Ceramic may be a good choice to look further into!