Absolute Black Granite Worktops – Top Pros & Cons

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Granite has gained the reputation over the past several years as one of the best materials for worktops available on the market. Coming in black colour, granite will give a contemporary vibe to your home. Not only that it will look good, but it will deliver excellent performances that are of value in your home. So, let’s take an overview of the benefits of choosing absolute black granite for worktops.


1. Resistant to high temperature

Putting away a still hot pan or hair dryer on your granite worktops will not damage its surface and it will handle high temperatures with ease

2. Durability

Granite, as one of the toughest materials found in nature, will handle the weight without breaking or cracking.

3. Highly scratch resistant

Granite worktops are highly scratch resistant and you can cut directly on them. Just beware that might cause the dulling of your knives.

4. Easy to maintain

Daily cleaning is easily handled with just water and soap. However, you should seal granite every 6-12 months. Avoiding cleaners that contain bleach or ammonia will make sure that your worktops are always looking shiny and at their best.

5. Each slab is unique

Because granite is 100% natural product, no two slabs are ever the same; you are always getting a one of a kind product.

6. Beauty

Granite is recognizable by the granulation it has; it is considered one of the most beautiful materials for worktops.

7. The stains are less visible on black granite

Even if you don’t remove the spills on time, there are high chances they will not be visible on black granite worktops.


1. Some liquids can leave a stain

Granite is a porous material, which means that some liquids, like coffee or wine, can leave a stain. To avoid such situations, remove the spills at the earliest opportunity.


Because it is so dense, it is heavy. Some cabinets may require additional structural support before the installation.

Granite is always a good choice, whether you are looking for a new kitchen or bathroom worktops. It will provide an unmatched beauty while lasting a significant amount of time. It will make a very smart investment because you will not need a replacement for a lifetime.

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