Are Quartz or Granite Countertops more expensive? 5 Things You Should Know

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Are Quartz or Granite Countertops more expensive? 5 Things You Should Know

Quartz and granite are nowadays the two most popular materials for kitchen worktops and bathroom countertops. They are very durable stones that will stand to all mechanical loads without any damages. Although they are both known for their durability, they are different materials that offer some similar but also some very different characteristics.

Continue reading and find out which one is more expensive and the reasons why.

 1. They are both high-end countertop materials

 Both materials are considered a luxury because their price range is on the higher end of the material price list. You will pay less for wooden or ceramic countertops, but they will last twice as short. In the end, it will pay off investing in higher-end countertops because you will not have to replace them, which also costs.

 2. One is manufactured, other is natural

 When comparing the prices we also have to take in mind the nature of both materials. Quartz is a manufactured stone, made of natural quartz and resins. This means that the quartz supplies are somewhat bigger. Granite, as a natural stone without any added materials, is considered a bit more special.

 3. Granite is more unique

 Granite doesn’t have any added pigments and some of its colours can be very rare. Some of them are found on only one place on the Earth. This is not the case with quartz, as the pigments can be added to make it look like other materials.

 4. Quartz is easier to find

 Quartz is nowadays easier to find and many brands are offering their slabs at various prices. Some of the most popular brands are Silestone and Caesarstone. They are renowned brands that can be more expensive, but you have many other options for quartz countertops. Granite, on the other hand, isn’t as widespread as quartz.

 5. Granite is, on average, more expensive

 The rule for both materials is that rare colours are more expensive and that the prices differ from colour to colour. This especially applies to granite because some of its colours are very rare and can be very expensive. Generally speaking, granite is more expensive. The prices for granite countertops are starting from over £300 per square meter. The prices for quartz countertops are starting from £250 per square meter.

 Both materials are a great investment you will not have to replace for decades. You will have to pay more for both at the start, but with time it will pay off. Not only that you will not have to replace them, but they also require very little maintenance and will not need repairs.

 Need more information about the prices of quartz and granite countertops? Please, contact us and we will be happy to help you.