Bathrooms Tiles Worktops

 1. Granite

 Granite is a natural stone that is known for its sturdiness. It is so durable and it will not break even under high pressure. In addition to that, it has great resistance to staining and you will have no problems removing nail or hair colour. The cleaning is handled with only soap and water. Granite needs to be sealed 2-4 times a year. The sealant will form an even layer that will prevent the worktops from getting permanent stains.

 2. Quartz

 Quartz’ durability is comparable to granite’s. It is also a very tough material that will not break or crack easily. It is the best material when it comes to resistance to staining. You will have no hard times removing the spills even if you let them sit for a bit. Quartz is a manufactured stone made of 93% natural quartz and 7% resins. The resins are forming a non-porous layer and making it resistant to staining. The downside of quartz worktops is that they are not as resistant to heat as granite or marble. You shouldn’t place hot objects like a hairdryer directly on them.

 3. Marble

 Marble requires higher maintenance than quartz and granite. Marble is also very durable, but it is softer, so it can get scratches easier. It. But marble is also considered the most beautiful stone and will make your bathroom special. It will handle heat without burning or cracking. The cleaning is easy with only soap and water involved. Marble also needs to be sealed several times a year. It is very important that you seal it regularly because marble tends to get stained easier than granite and quartz.

 All materials can be a great addition to your bathroom, it is just a question of your needs. If you seek material that will not get stained at all, then quartz may be the one for you. If you look for a luxury feel, marble is the best. The most durable and resistant to heat is granite, so if those are your concerns, granite can be your choice.

 Stones are generally very durable materials and are worth investing in. With proper maintenance, all three will last you for decades. Browse online our wide stone collection from well known brands including ClassicQuartzStone, Silestone, Caesarstone & more.

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Calacatta is a famous marble type that is recognizable by the crisp white background and distinct veining. Quartz, as a manufactured stone, can look like other materials, such as marble. When it is manufactured, the pigments are added to it to make it look like other stones. The resemblances are remarkable, only the experts will be able to tell the difference.

 Quartz is a high-quality stone you will not regret buying. Continue reading and find out what are the pros and cons of having Calacatta gold quartz worktops.


 1. Appearance

 Calacatta gold is recognizable by the warm white background and moderately tick veining. The veining is what distinguishes this style from the others. Because of its tone and undertone, it will be perfect in combination with beige cabinets, which will make the veining stand out even more.

 2. Resistance to staining

 Although Calacatta has a white background, that will not be the problem with quartz. Quartz is highly resistant to staining, even wine or coffee will not leave a permanent stain. This makes quartz worktops perfect for food preparation and consumption.

 3. Durability

 Quartz is one of the most durable materials on the market. It will not break or crack no matter what you do to it. It will also last you a long because it is so durable.

 4. Resistance to scratching

 There is nothing more frustrating than knife scratches on a new countertop. Luckily, quartz is highly resistant to scratching and you will have no such problems with it.

 5. Maintenance

 One would think that maintaining white surfaces is time-consuming and challenging, but not with quartz. Although you will have to wipe your light surfaces more frequently than the darker ones, because everything is more visible on them, you will complete that with ease. You will need just soap and water for everyday cleaning; occasionally, you can use the glass cleaner.

 6. Various options

 Almost every quartz brand has its version of Calacatta gold. Although each has similar look, you will be able to look at the finest details and choose the one you like the best. This will also allow you to choose the one that fits your budget the best.


 1. Sensitive to chemicals

 You should avoid cleaning products that contain bleach and ammonia, and just stick to soap and water. Those chemicals are harsh and can lead to discolourations and microscopic damages. If your countertops come accidentally in contact with such chemicals, rinse off the affected area with soap and water as soon as possible.

 2. Resistance to heat

 Quartz worktops are made of 93% natural quartz and 7% resins and pigments. Resins are unstable at high temperature, so make sure you are always using mats when placing hot kitchenware on your worktops.

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Quartz with marble effect is one of the most popular quartz styles. With quartz, you will have better resistance to staining than with marble, while preserving the same look. Quartz also has many other qualities such as durability, resistance to scratching and ease of maintenance. Quartz marble effect is a timeless choice that will never go out of fashion. It is an elegant choice and will pair well with the rest of your kitchen worktops. Here’s our list of some of the most beautiful quartz stone marble effect colours.

 1. Et Marquina

 Et Marquina has a pitch-black background with a very bold white veining. The veining is not so thick, but since it is on such a dark colour it is very distinct. This colour will be perfect in combination with light-toned cabinets. Lighter cabinets will accent the veining even more and make it stand out. A combination of dark countertops with light cabinets is always in fashion.

 2. Statuario Maximus

 Statuario Maximus is a sophisticated style that will be perfect for the kitchen island. It has a white background with a golden undertone and thick grey vining. Although the veining is thick, it is not much darker than the background and it isn’t as bold. This colour is also perfect to use for monochromatic kitchens because its pattern will break the monotony.

 3. Statuario Vegle

 Unlike the above mentioned Statuario, this one has a cool white background and thin veining. It will be the perfect replacement for Statuario Maximus if you wanted thinner veining. It also has a crisp white background without featheriness which is the preference of many buyers. The veining is light grey and sharp.

 4. Britannica Gold

 If you like the pattern of the already mentioned styles, but you want different coloured veins, consider Britannica Gold. It has a white background with a golden undertone and stunning golden veining. The veining is very thick and pronounced. This colour is great to use as an accent, for the kitchen island or splashbacks. Pairing it with light beige cabinets will make it pop even more.

 5. Olympia

 Olympia has a very subtle veining, which makes it the perfect option for ones that don’t like bold patterns. It is a very unique colour, a mix of light beige and white. It has a slightly feathery pattern. This one will be perfect for small-sized kitchens because it will brighten the space and make it look bigger.

 These are just some of the quartz colours with marble effect you will be able to choose from in our range. Quartz, as a manufactured stone, has a very versatile colour palette and can look like other stones. You will also have the ability to choose from renowned brands like Caesarstone or Silestone and find the one that suits your needs the best.

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Granite vs Marble for Bathroom Work Surfaces

Usually, homeowners tend to focus more on kitchen work surfaces and neglect bathroom ones. But bathroom work surfaces are also very important and you should take time to consider the best material for them. With that being said, what worked for others, might not work for you because we all have different preferences. Continue reading and find out whether granite or marble bathroom work surfaces will be better for you.

 1. Resistance to staining

 Bathroom work surfaces tend to get stained from nail polish, make-up and hair colours, which can be even more difficult to remove than food residue. Granite is a better material when it comes to resisting stains and removing them. Marble can get permanently stained by these products.

 2. Resistance to heat

 Heat resistance is also important because sometimes you will need to postpone hot hair tools onto your surfaces. Luckily, both materials will handle heat without discolouring or cracking.

 3. Maintenance

 Both stones are easy to clean with just soap and water. They will also both require sealing, which will make them more resistant to staining. The only difference is that you will have an easier time removing stains from granite than from marble since it is more resistant to staining.

 4. Durability

 Both materials will handle pressure without breaking. They will not crack if you accidentally drop something on them. However, marble is softer and it is easier to chip on the edges.

 5. Appearance

 While marble is recognizable by the veining, granite tends to have a more granulated pattern. Marble is considered to be the most beautiful stone and it is more luxurious. Granite, however, is also a beautiful stone, but it tends to have a rougher look.

 6. Price

 Both materials are considered high-end, which means you will have to pay more for them than some other materials. In general, they are priced similarly, but it all depends on the colour. Since both materials are natural, some colours are rarer than others and they will be more expensive. Get a free quote using our worktop price calculator tool.

 7. Colour choices

 Marble colour palette is mostly neutral with beige, white and black dominating it. You can also find some unusual colours like green or orange, but they are not as popular as simple white veined marble. On the other hand, granite tends to be darker and has a wider colour palette overall. It has red, green and blue options. It also tends to have richer patterns.

Both materials can be a great addition to your bathroom, it is just the question of your preferences. Marble is more luxurious and it is more suitable for contemporary style bathrooms. However, it is less durable and resistant to staining than granite, so if looks are not your number one priority, granite may be better for you.

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